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Customer 360s

Get a comprehensive understanding of your customers at a glance

Your client engagements aren’t two-dimensional, so your data shouldn’t be either. Easily access everything you need to know about a customer from financials to usage patterns and support history to client vitals — all in a single dashboard.

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A single source for everything you need to know about your customers

To understand the customer experience, you need information about every interaction they’ve had with your company. Unfortunately, since those interactions can span across departments and systems, too often customer data is siloed and difficult to access. This can lead to your team members having uninformed conversations with your customers. Customer 360s pull data from across your tech stack, including your ticketing software, billing tool, marketing automation platforms and CRM, so that everyone can have an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of a customer’s engagement with your company.

The benefits of Customer 360s

Unlock key insights By aggregating data from multiple sources into a single place, you can gain a holistic understanding of your customers, making it easier for you to identify trends that can guide your growth.
Reduce research time Your employees won't need to search through several platforms to get all the context they need for a customer call. Customer 360s deliver everything they need to know right to their inbox.
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Increase lifetime value The insights obtained from Customer 360s can help you identify who your best customers are, and provides your customer-facing employees with what they need to know to retain and expand those accounts.

“Because each recommendation is highly vetted and includes the data to confirm the recommendation and an easy way to act on it, [New Breed] has definitely helped us reduce the amount of time that we spend on our proactive outreach.”

Eric Wu | Head of Customer Success | Sentieo


Compiling a single source of truth

Learn how Customer 360s can improve customer experience and increase revenue

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