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Customer Engagement Playbooks

Proactive, data-driven recommendations delivered through the tools you’re already using

Align the tactics of your customer-facing teams with your overall business objectives and reduce the time it takes for them to implement those efforts.

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Enable your teams to take actions that result in better outcomes for your customers and your company

Customer engagement playbooks present the context, communication and actions your customer-facing teams need to maximize the value of your customer relationships. This information is delivered through the channel that’s most convenient for your employees. Traditionally, the kinds of actions these playbooks enable your teams to execute would require hours of research and combing through multiple tools, but with our customer engagement playbooks service, we take that responsibility off their backs, freeing them to spend more time working directly with your customers.

The benefits of Customer Engagement Playbooks

Your teams won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of time researching your customers, hypothesizing how to act impactfully and composing personalized communications.

Fewer logins Instead of digging through data across multiple platforms to develop an action plan, recommendations can be sent straight to your team's inbox, making it easier to adopt and implement tactics.
Increased efficiency Our experts will research and identify outreach opportunities and then send your actions and assets that only require a single click to approve and execute, leaving more time for proactive outreach.
Business-aligned results Customer engagement playbooks bridge your company goals with your customers’ goals and providing action plans that help your customer-facing teams work to achieve both.

“Because each recommendation is highly vetted and includes the data to confirm the recommendation and an easy way to act on it, [New Breed] has definitely helped us reduce the amount of time that we spend on our proactive outreach.”

Eric Wu | Head of Customer Success | Sentieo


How we craft your playbooks

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