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Automatically deliver the right lead to the right rep at the right time

Drive sales performance with Distributely, the only customizable lead routing solution purpose-built for HubSpot

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Eliminate wasted hours and get more results from every rep

As sales organizations grow, so does the complexity of lead distribution. Traditionally, sales leaders have been forced to spend hours juggling disparate systems or manually managing increasingly complex and unscalable workflows. Not anymore. Distributely layers on top of HubSpot CRM to streamline the sales process, analyzing every lead that comes in and routing it to the right rep, automatically and scalably.


Create a better sales experience

Distributely analyzes leads as they come through, categorizes them and automatically assigns them to the appropriate sales rep, saving you time and matching leads with the right resources.


Install and customize, effortlessly

Unlike any other app, Distributely is designed for scaling businesses on HubSpot. It can be customized and configured with ease and is simple enough to set up in minutes, but sophisticated enough to grow with you. 


Control and configure every aspect

Distributely customization options include lead weighting, capping, “OOO”, territories, load balancing and others to ensure the right lead is always assigned correctly, on our terms.


Learn more or get a demo!

Connect with us to learn more, get pricing information, or join the private beta to be among among Distributely's first cohort of users.

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