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Revenue Performance Monitoring

Your growth depends on more than software

We go beyond producing a set of reports and dashboards. New Breed delivers a ready-made team of data scientists, revenue analysts and operational expertise to help you find the most leverage in your business.

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Collage of revenue performance monitoring data and New Breed team

A complete understanding of your customers leads to scalable growth

A decade ago, companies could spend years investing time and resources into people and technology to develop their operational expertise and scale their business. Very few companies have that luxury today. Enter Revenue Performance Monitoring with New Breed. We help you identify which customer segments have the highest and lowest opportunities for growth so that you can focus your efforts on the activities that provide the greatest impact.

Scalable Growth, Democratized

Acquire smarter We help you focus your marketing and sales efforts on your ideal customer profiles so that you can decrease customer acquisition costs and increase win rates.
Retain longer We will help you identify strengths and weaknesses across product, pricing and customer success, to create predictable revenue and decrease churn.
Expand faster We help you identify the best opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your existing customers using segment and cohort analysis to reduce your payback period and improve lifetime value.
Outcome Oriented

Your tech-enabled revenue analyst

Few companies are able to gather, clean and enrich revenue data from source systems like their CRM and Billing software to produce reports and dashboards.

Even fewer have a depth of experience interpreting and analyzing these reports to derive meaningful, actionable insights that can improve business outcomes.

At New Breed, our team is built to work with you to achieve both.

  • Data scientists to gather, clean and enrich source system data
  • Operational expertise to understand your business process
  • Revenue analysts to find opportunities to increase profitability and scale
People + Technology

Compiling a single source of truth

Start identifying who your
best-fit customers are

Request a revenue intelligence assessment to start gathering the customer information you need to make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes.