November 22, 2022

3 Ways RevOps as a Service Powers Revenue Growth

RevOps as a Service supports and optimizes the day-to-day operations of sales, marketing, and services teams. By partnering with RevOps experts, companies ranging from VC-backed startups to global enterprises can align people, processes, and platforms across all customer and internal workflows. 

If you’re not familiar with RevOps as a Service concept, read What is RevOps as a Service? first to learn the foundations. Otherwise, let’s dive into how RevOps as a Service drives long-term revenue growth by streamlining team and system functions across the entire organization. 

1. Optimize operations at the first touchpoint 

Before kicking off an engagement, an experienced RevOps as a Service partner will typically conduct a thorough revenue operations assessment. This discovery step enables the RevOps expert to evaluate their prospective partner’s needs while delivering immediate value and insights into their current operational processes and areas for optimization. 

As an example of the initial analysis in practice, RevOps specialists at New Breed conduct free assessments that include: 

  • An evaluation of the company’s end-to-end operations and tech stack
  • Insights on optimizing the ROI of existing tech tools and capabilities, including the CRM, marketing automation, ticketing system, and more
  • Must-have resources for high-growth marketing, sales, and services teams' workflows
  • Best practices, such as naming convention alignment for revenue team use
  • Tips on documenting and analyzing the performance of all operational efforts

Free RevOps Guide: Deploy an Effective Revenue Strategy for Your Scaling  Business.

2. Streamline tech adoption and simplify integrations 

Software adoption often requires stringent IT oversight and change management efforts. For example, loss of customer contacts due to a new CRM migration — or even one messy extension setup — may disrupt more than a few hours of working time. Mismanaged RevOps activities may result in tech debt, impact long-term profitability, and, in extreme cases, lead to breaches in confidentiality requirements, which may carry legal implications. 

That’s why, at its core, RevOps as a Service was developed to guide high-stakes process augmentation in complex environments. These specialists are highly experienced in managing critical enterprise-level activities, plus: 

  • Ensuring all system configurations and integrations adhere to industry protocols and company-specific requirements 
  • Securely migrating entire business operations to new platforms or implementing critical back-end integrations
  • Developing and supporting change management strategies to ensure company-wide operational and strategic alignment
  • Providing necessary support and training for in-house teams to quickly adopt and leverage new tools, functionalities, and processes 

For example, adopting HubSpot’s extensive suite of marketing, sales, and service tools is a highly strategic yet high-stakes investment. With the support of a RevOps expert accredited with HubSpot’s Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC), companies can migrate their operations with ease. AIC-qualified partners have proven experience deploying HubSpot products across complex environments, while also leading process mapping and change management to ensure successful deployment and rollout. 

Free RevOps Guide: Deploy an Effective Revenue Strategy for Your Scaling  Business.

3. Unify data and automate processes 

When scaling quickly, companies often find themselves stacking one application on top of another to meet pressing team and client requirements. Established organizations tend to have a similar problem, but with outdated tech adding to the burden. No matter the cause, reactive tech investments often lead to a disjointed and unproductive environment that derails critical business functions.

An interoperable network optimized around unified data is a critical component for sustainable growth and the foundation of an effective tech stack. Unified data is integral to the function of critical business elements like integrations, reporting, contact management, lead scoring, form strategy, and many others.

RevOps experts specialize in refining internal and external data exchange systems to securely unify data across complex networks. They’re also equipped to deploy capabilities like easy sync, cleanup, and curation of data, including ongoing database quality enrichment. By setting up an interoperable foundation, these technical experts ultimately equip businesses to automate essential processes and optimize the productivity of in-house resources.

The Takeaway 

By utilizing RevOps as a Service, teams benefit from expanded operational capacity, data quality, refinement automation, more effective team management, and more — all of which ultimately result in better customer outcomes and full-steam-ahead momentum toward revenue growth. 

To start deploying an effective revenue operations strategy for your scaling business, download "The Definitive Guide to Revenue Operations." Our guide will give you a complete and actionable framework to align disparate teams and drive revenue growth.

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Jacque Turbett

Jacque is the Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, where she helps clients align Marketing, Sales, and Service departments to ensure smooth handoffs and improve customer experience. She has worked with HubSpot and in Revenue Operations roles for more than seven years. In her spare time, she trains for marathons. To...


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