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Founded in 2002, New Breed is proud to be a Vermont-headquartered company and employ experts across 17 states with decades of experience in marketing, sales, operations, and full-stack development. We believe our customers' success fuels our own so we operate as a strategic partner and extension of your team. 

Whether you're looking to migrate onto the HubSpot CRM, optimize your existing tech stack, or scale your revenue generation efforts, our team is equipped to help you exceed your 2023 goals. 








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To achieve across-the-board results, you can't just rely on single-point solutions. That's why we've invested in comprehensive expertise where you need it most. Because you don't want just do one thing really well; To thrive, you need to do everything really well.

HUBSPOT CONFIGURATION HubSpot: Implement, Migrate, Optimize Combines everything you need to get the most from the entire CRM platform, delivered by our elite RevOps consultants in a simple model designed to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Learn More
DEMAND GEN PLATFORM Exceed Demand & Revenue Goals Our solution includes custom configurations, exclusive technology you can’t find anywhere else, and ongoing demand generation services that are custom-tailored to your needs and budget. Learn More
SALES-READY WEBSITE Your 24/7 Sales Person Your website should be the most effective member of your revenue team. Like any excellent salesperson, your website should attract the right audience, deliver relevant content, and drive conversions. Learn More
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CUSTOM INTEGRATIONS Make Smarter Decisions with Unified Data Making data-driven decisions is only worthwhile if your data is accurate, consistent, and clean. Together, we will connect your system and take your tech stack further than ever. Learn More
DISTRIBUTELY Automate Lead and Ticket Routing Distributely's rules-based engine allows you to assign leads and support tickets based on criteria like availability, location, or expertise — all without manual routing or overlapping workflows. Learn More