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New Breed develops, hosts and consults on Integrations that help companies connect their technology and data to HubSpot, helping leaders reduce complexity and drive efficiency across their team.

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Make your tech stack work for your exact needs with an Integration.

The biggest cause of inefficiency is often found right under your nose: disconnected systems, cobbled together by disparate teams over time. But connecting the right pieces of your tech stack in the right way? That requires skilled development, time and — most importantly — experience that most teams don’t possess. 

A HubSpot Integration from New Breed makes this a reality, helping your revenue teams break down silos across your processes, and leverage automation and data to drive greater efficiency and profitability as a result. We offer a range of capabilities, from extending native HubSpot functionality to building and hosting custom Integrations that solve your unique use case.


We bring world-class expertise to your integration use cases.

While every integration and its objectives are unique, New Breed's Integrations team brings collective decades of strategic experience and technical know-how to find the best path forward for you. We’ve delivered a wide range of capabilities and business outcomes with Integrations, such as:

  • Integrated HubSpot and LMS data to improve UX for online courses
  • Custom-connected Stripe and HubSpot using Zapier to allow online purchasing 
  • Synced and de-duplicated Contacts and Companies from various CRMs and customer data platforms
  • Used Operations Hub to sync opportunities in NetSuite with deal stage 
  • Tied HubSpot to customers’ in-house data to allow bi-directional syncs
  • Customized data sync and niche reporting for Salesforce 

No matter the project, you’ll work with experts who’ve earned every certification and accreditation available in the ecosystem, and have developed a deep understanding of HubSpot's API capabilities over years of Integration delivery with dozens of platforms.

How Integrations help you get the most from HubSpot.

Extend HubSpot to fit your unique processes. Don’t be limited to out-of-the-box capabilities, no matter what tech you use. Augment HubSpot’s functionality to design processes that work for your needs.
Align your teams around the right data. Get your marketing, sales and service stakeholders all operating on centralized data, so you can create more aligned teams, better customer experiences and profitable growth.
Enhance and consolidate your data. Reduce the errors, inefficiencies and frustration that occur when you use more than one source of truth. Tie your systems together to centralize and enrich your data.
Save time and reduce costs and complexity. The ‘switching cost’ of using multiple systems to do one task will cost your business over time. Bring your processes and automation together to simplify and save your resources.
Make your tech stack work how you need it. Your business needs should dictate your ideal processes; your ideal processes should determine your technology setup — never the other way around.
Focus on proactive, strategic work. Take the tedious work of system-switching and duplicate data entry off your team’s plate, so they can focus on the strategy and activities that drive revenue and delight customers.

Our Integrations process.


Integrations that maximize positive outcomes — across your business.

Integrations should solve problems and create a positive impact on your business — not introduce new complexity to fix one isolated issue. That’s why we take a holistic approach, ensuring we understand how your processes, data and reporting will be affected by our work. Depending on your New Breed engagement, we even align your Integration strategy with other disciplines — like demand generation, RevOps and web development — to help you get maximum value.

“I can't believe I was so opposed to this at the beginning... I find myself getting excited for the future possibilities our HubSpot Integration brings. ”

Kendra Brigham | | Pricebook Digital

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