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Improve efficiency, insights and automation. All with your CRM.

New Breed's tech-enabled CRM services combine technical expertise with a rich understanding of business strategy and best practices to help you align your technology, processes and data — reducing costs and complexity in the process.

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We help architect your platforms and align processes, so you can grow better.

Delivering value for your customers and creating efficiency for your teams are both necessary to scale your business. But just buying a CRM won’t give you the scalability and simplicity you need to delight customers and get more from your teams. With the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy in place, you can build automation that adapts to your needs, integrate the platforms and data that help your team drive growth, and create profitable, long-lasting customer relationships. 

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CRM Strategy that aligns your tools, teams and processes to drive profitable growth.

97% of revenue leaders believe that better alignment between marketing and sales can increase revenue (2023 State of HubSpot Report). A CRM strategy and infrastructure that delivers this alignment is absolutely essential to hitting your goals. Today's winning companies trust the HubSpot CRM — and its dynamic ecosystem of Apps and Integrations — as the cornerstone of their growth and operations. 

As HubSpot's only three-time Top Partner in North America, we help companies maximize HubSpot ROI by capitalizing on its incredible ecosystem and building a CRM strategy that aligns their technology, data and processes to deliver profitable and efficient growth. With over a decade of HubSpot consulting experience and every available certification under our belt, we know how to build and execute a CRM strategy and tech stack that meet the exact needs of your business. 

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The right CRM strategy, configuration and training drives results — no matter your role.


If you and your customers need it, we can extend HubSpot to make it happen.

We know that your CRM won’t be your only piece of technology. To efficiently grow your business and adapt to the demands of your customers, you need your CRM — and all the data and technology you use every day — integrated and configured to the exact needs of your teams and stakeholders. With tech-enabled services and AI expertise, New Breed specializes in helping revenue and operations leaders implement, extend and integrate HubSpot and help you drive better processes, deeper adoption and revenue performance as a result.

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Our CRM Strategy & Consulting services.

CRM Implementation. Configure and train your teams on the HubSpot CRM. Learn More
Upgrade from your current CRM to HubSpot. Learn More
Custom Integrations. Connect your tech and data to the HubSpot CRM. Learn More
Ongoing CRM Optimization. Enhance your existing HubSpot CRM. Learn More

“New Breed played a pivotal role in optimizing our HubSpot CRM, demonstrating not only deep understanding of the platform but also a keen insight into our specific business needs. Their approach was tailored and customized, ensuring every aspect of the CRM was tailored to enhance our operational efficiency. ”

Chrissy Murphy | Sales and Marketing Operations Manager | SDI

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