Marketo-HubSpot Migration Boosts Operational Efficiency Across Business Units, a leading provider of commerce software, logistics, and expert services for businesses with multiple sales channels, faced a critical decision. With a workforce of more than 450 employees and recent acquisitions such as FB Flurry and SellerActive, the complexity of their data systems has grown exponentially. As the year 2022 came to a close, turned to the expertise of New Breed to embark on a data migration from Marketo to HubSpot.


Unraveling the complexities of data migration.

As expanded its operations, it found itself entangled in a complex network of data spread across multiple systems. Tackling the challenge of integrating this extensive amount of data, meeting urgent deadlines, and preserving the intricate web of data relationships proved to be an enormous undertaking.

Scope of Data Migration

After acquiring several businesses, found itself with a wealth of data scattered across various systems. The challenge of consolidating Marketo marketing data with two separate HubSpot portals and seamlessly integrating them all with Salesforce was an immense task.

Time Sensitivity

The impending expiration of the Marketo subscription on 1/31/23 added urgency and called for a swift and precise migration to meet the hard deadline.

Intricate Data Relationships

Preserving the intricate connections between historical data sources was essential, especially considering the differences among the three separate business units. Adding to the complexity was the significant overlap in company records, necessitating a thorough risk assessment to identify potential conflicts.

HubSpot Products Used

Marketing Hub Enterprise
Sales Hub Enterprise
Service Hub
Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise


A strategic blueprint for data migration and unification.

Crafting a strategic solution to overcome's complex data challenges, New Breed adopted a comprehensive approach. Through immersive stakeholder workshops, thorough data audits, and strategic migrations, they meticulously designed a plan to achieve utmost precision and efficiency.

Stakeholder Workshops

These deep dives helped New Breed understand the data landscape of, DFW, and SellerActive. Through interactive sessions, current processes, pain points, and best practices were highlighted. Post-migration,'s teams were trained on the new processes within HubSpot, as well as other beneficial tools and features.

Data Audit and Cleanup

Preliminary analysis showed the data required some general cleansing. Duplicates were identified and merged or deleted. An audit also pinpointed potential issues like hard-bounced contacts or unsubscribed users, allowing for a more streamlined migration.

Phased Data Migration Approach

Two phases were outlined for the migration:

  • Phase 1: Marketo-to-HubSpot migration for
  • Phase 2: HubSpot-to-HubSpot migrations for DFW and SellerActive.

 A risk mitigation strategy was in place, with untouched data backups from all sources kept on standby. Small batch tests ensured a smooth migration.

Workflow and Lifecycle Setup

The transition wasn't just about moving data; it was also about refining and optimizing processes. The implementation and documentation of lifecycle stages featured the following key components:

  • Subscriber Lifecycle List: A categorized list of all subscribers for targeted communication.
  • Lead Lifecycle Setting List: Streamlined settings to manage and track leads effectively.
  • Lead Workflow: A dedicated workflow for lead nurturing and management.
  • MQLs Lifecycle Setting List: Settings curated for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to ensure efficient tracking.
  • MQL Workflow: A strategic workflow tailored for MQL nurturing and progression.
  • Lead Scoring Deployment: Implementation of lead scoring metrics to prioritize and categorize leads.
  • MQL Notification Workflows: Integrated within the MQL workflow, ensuring timely notifications.
  • MQL Notification Email: A dedicated email setup to alert on MQL progress.
  • Form Submission Incrementing Workflow: Set to deploy, this workflow aims to track and manage multiple form submissions.
  • Supporting Automation:
    • Company Date Stamping Folder: A complete setup to record company interactions date-wise.
    • Scoring Rule Grouping Assignment: This assignment groups leads based on scoring rules.


Enhanced marketing & sales insights and streamlined operations across all platforms.

The transformative migration journey yielded numerous positive outcomes., DFW, and SellerActive experienced the advantages of enhanced marketing reports, enriched lifecycle stages, and advanced lead scoring mechanisms, creating a foundation for improved sales and marketing collaboration.

Enhanced Customer Journey Insights

Through the implementation of new lifecycle stages and lead scoring, there's a refined visibility into the lead-to-MQL progression and marketing-to-sales handoff, optimizing interactions across, DFW, and SellerActive.

Revolutionized Marketing Analytics

The integration and optimization of marketing reporting across the three entities has resulted in a deeper and more comprehensive grasp of funnel dynamics and conversion rates.

Strategic Data Consolidation and Optimization

Through the strategic combination of formerly separate data sources and the utilization of HubSpot's capabilities,, DFW, and SellerActive are now able to enjoy the advantages of a unified, data-oriented approach that optimizes operational effectiveness and maximizes potential for conversion.


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