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Drive predictable ROI at scale with paid advertising.

We help companies build, manage and scale paid advertising campaigns to increase paid spend ROI, maximize quality conversions and connect your business with more high-fit leads.

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Winning with Paid means standing out from the crowd.

As a Certified Google Ads Partner, New Breed's team of paid advertising experts helps companies boost their position, reduce wasted spend and achieve high ROI across even the most competitive terms and industries.

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Paid advertising can generate pipeline and drive serious ROI — if you get it right.

Reaching your high-intent buyers before your competitors seems to get harder every day. But even harder than reaching your audience is converting them into opportunities and paying customers. New Breed knows this; that’s why we use a holistic, data-driven approach to paid advertising and take into account every facet of a campaign — from keyword selection and ad creative to landing page optimization and testing. The result? Paid advertising strategies that reach the right searchers at the right time and bring in real revenue.

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How our paid advertising services help you grow.

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Make data-driven investments. Optimize, review and report on investment performance to prioritize the right keywords, campaign strategies and platforms, so you can maximize ad performance without spending more.
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Take an intent-first approach. Lead with an intent-first approach that gives prospects the right content at the right time, and measure return on ad spend to make revenue attribution predictable and consistent.
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Optimize campaign messaging. Use your paid program to test and determine the greatest performing messaging and designs, then deploy across channels.
Generate a positive return on investment. Target high-intent buyers while minimizing wasted spend to ensure your investment is optimized to generate the best ROI possible.
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Grow your opportunities and pipeline. Turn to paid to improve revenue-focused metrics, like lead volume and quality, conversion rate and opportunity creation.
Merge your paid and organic efforts. Increase efficiency between paid and organic efforts with an aligned account team that deeply understands efforts and success across both channels.

Our agile approach to paid advertising.


We unify your paid advertising with your organic search, revenue operations and overall demand generation strategy.

Most paid providers narrow their focus to just your advertising strategy. For New Breed, paid advertising is just one piece of your larger growth puzzle, and is only as effective as the sum total of your demand generation strategy. Our paid advertising team takes full advantage of HubSpot and works cross-functionally with experts in RevOps, demand generation strategy, content and web design to create consistent, data-driven and customer centric ad campaigns that generate revenue and drive ROI. 

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