Case Study

CloudFactory and
New Breed Drive 40% More Opportunities Within 3 Months

Immediate impact and long-term growth through the power of search marketing.

A global workforce management solution needed a partner capable of managing a global ad strategy.

Founded on the idea that talent is equally distributed around the world, but opportunity is not, CloudFactory has set out to create opportunity and fight poverty in the developing world for over 10 years. 

On a mission to connect over one million people in the developing world to digital age work, CloudFactory turned to New Breed to help accelerate its digital advertising strategy in order to generate further opportunities to connect its global managed workforce to companies seeking high quality annotation services for AI and Automation solutions.

The challenge: Implementing a scalable global strategy and maximizing ROI across multiple business units.

With a heavy reliance on paid advertising as a main opportunity driver, CloudFactory was looking to scale it’s ads program to encompass numerous solution applications across a global audience in North America, Canada, EMEA, and APAC which brought a unique set of challenges to overcome:

  • Restructuring CloudFactory’s ads account without performance lag time
  • Maintaining performance amongst a global pandemic with continuously increasing digital competition 
  • Managing 40+ live campaigns across 19 regions while optimizing for regional & keyword based conversion volume, contact quality, and deal value

The solution: Optimizing for lead volume, contact quality, and deal value

A scalable approach combining Google Ads, UX design, landing page optimization and testing.

Partnering closely with CloudFactory, New Breed was able to identify which keywords and business units were most likely to drive a high volume of quality conversions for CloudFactory on a region-per-region basis.

Additionally leveraging the data available through past ads efforts, New Breed was able to restructure CloudFactory’s existing ads strategy to better align with Google Ads best practices. This allowed for a reduction in spend needed to maintain previous performance and allowed for additional keyword and location visibility resulting in both an increase in lead volume and a decrease in lead cost.

Furthermore, by partnering with CloudFactory’s talented team of web developers, New Breed was able to provide strategic guidance around landing page best practices to provide a more tailored experience for users after engaging with an ad.

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Through an active partnership leveraging New Breed’s unique approach to quality and deal value based ads optimizations, CloudFactory was able to achieve its goal of scaling revenue generation through digital advertising strategy across North America, EMEA, and APAC regions. 

The team experienced measurable growth within three months, and enjoyed sustained performance:

In the first 3 months of CloudFactory’s ads account relaunch CloudFactory realized the following results

  • 45% decrease in Cost per Lead
  • 60% increase in leads generated
  • 35% increase in MQLs
  • 40% increase in Opportunities generated
  • 557% ad spend ROI

Additionally 18 months after relaunch CloudFactory’s ads account had yielded the following results (compared to the previous period):

  • 169% increase in leads generated
  • 216% increase in MQLs generated
  • 30% increase in Opportunities generated
  • 30% increase in Closed Won Deals
  • 106% ad spend ROI

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