Strategic Workshops

Align stakeholders and go-to-market strategy to set a foundation for growth.

New Breed facilitates strategic client workshops that help align your teams around goals, market opportunities, target buyers and go-to-market strategy. Whether you're building an ABM strategy, enhancing your demand generation program or bringing a new solution to market, we help you determine the most effective path forward that aligns with your current market, target buyers, and company goals.


Align your teams on your biggest opportunities, target audiences and go-to-market strategy.

Even if your company has a clear mission and strong culture, internal alignment across your revenue team can be hard to attain — and hard to maintain over time. Aligning to your customers' needs, trying new revenue motions and keeping up with a rapidly-changing market are perhaps even harder.

But to capitalize on your market opportunities, you need this level of alignment and proactive strategy. Led by seasoned consultants, New Breed's Strategic Workshops bring your revenue stakeholders together to align on your biggest opportunities, value propositions and target audiences, and are catered to your exact business goals and needs.



Establish your goals and ideal targets with a Growth Strategy Workshop.

Collaboratively led by a Demand Generation Strategist and a Content Strategist, the Growth Strategy Workshop packs an incredible amount of high-value dialogue, strategic planning and alignment with your team into a structured series of live workshops. We build a clear picture of your market environment, product-market fit and competitive landscape, your differentiators and revenue strategy, your current — and ideal — customer journey, and your target company and buyer persona profiles. Your teams will leave the workshop aligned in these critical areas, and afterward get a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Personas and ideal company profiles 
  • Brand messaging and voice
  • Summary of buyer’s journey
  • Goals and target outcomes
  • Market growth opportunities
  • Framework to generate demand with ideal buyers
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Define your Account-Based Marketing strategy with an ABM Workshop.

Successful Account-Based Marketing programs do more than just sell into a target account list. They help you understand buyers, align your operations, and add real value to high-fit prospects in the market. ABM Workshops help you move toward all of these important elements, allowing you to build toward a scalable ABM strategy that will generate demand from your target logos and drive revenue. Every workshop produces a report that includes:

  • A summary of your goals and requirements for an ABM strategy
  • A framework to help you finalize a target account list
  • A campaign roadmap for sales, marketing and operations
  • A technology blueprint that outlines what tools will help accomplish your ABM goals. 
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“...New Breed was able to grasp technical knowledge on our industry from the beginning that not many could easily understand. Their attention to detail and efficiency on these projects will make you wonder why you did not find this agency sooner. [We] know the results will be at the highest level that professionals can expect.”

Vincent Chiu | Marketing Operations Manager | Sectigo Limited

What you get from Strategic Workshops.

Every workshop's goals, focus areas and agenda are customer-centric and built to address your most urgent, strategic needs. Here are some outcomes you'll see from any New Breed workshop.

Target audiences, in detail. Build, refine and align with your teams on target company profile(s) and ideal buyer personas.
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Operational roadmap. Start to establish a demand generation plan that's enabled by technology and in sync with your goals and priorities.
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Full-funnel focus. Set the foundations to not only attract new leads to your funnel, but nurture and convert them into loyal customers.
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Customer journey. Identify strengths and weaknesses in your customers' buying journey to increase conversions and revenue over time.
Technology foundations. Understand how to build and leverage a tech stack that supports your specific ABM and demand generation needs.
Cross-functional alignment. Align internal stakeholders from different business areas on a unified strategic direction and plan.

An expert-led, research-backed approach to Workshops.

We help customers supercharge ABM with the latest and greatest technology.

New Breed partners with proven, innovative software providers to help companies implement, configure and leverage the tools that drive successful, scalable ABM programs.

Build and scale your ABM strategy on HubSpot. With New Breed’s cross-functional team RevOps, demand generation, content and web experts, you can take maximum advantage of HubSpot and build a scalable ABM strategy that integrates with your other technology.
Accelerate revenue growth with ABM. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, RollWorks helps you confidently grow revenue by focusing on the right accounts at the right time. Our workshops can help you deploy and integrate RollWorks into your ABM program.
Increase pipeline. Improve conversion. Reduce go-to-market waste. Eliminate the costs of missed opportunities and mistimed deals by pinpointing the accounts that matter most. Our workshops can help you deploy and integrate 6sense into your ABM program.
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Get aligned and unlock growth with a Strategic Workshop from New Breed.

We've helped hundreds of revenue leaders align their teams and build effective go-to-market plans that drive demand. Talk to an Advisor today to learn how a workshop can help you hit your goals.