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Graphic design that gives you a competitive edge.

Brand or demand? We say both. With New Breed, you can activate distinct brand experiences that attract leads, improve demand generation metrics across channels, and deepen your existing customer connections. We deliver design across mediums, including web, content, advertising, email, sales enablement and more.

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Integrate world-class graphic design and creative into your revenue efforts.

Design is an essential ingredient in your growth. It’s the first thing people experience when they come face to face with your brand (our brains process images 60,000x faster than text), and can immediately signal your sophistication, value and shared beliefs with potential buyers. From Premium Content Offers, infographics and sales enablement to emails, ads and branded assets, we deliver world-class design that aligns with your and your customers’ needs, and is directly integrated with your overall business goals and brand strategy.

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Enhance quality and maximize efficiency with AI-powered creative.

The latest developments in generative AI and design have unlocked freedom, quality and efficiency for designers and marketers. But innovation is no guarantee of excellence. That’s why our team stays on top of emerging technologies and best practices in the field and delivers you the AI benefits you deserve and expect, like:

  • Saving time with AI-enhanced editing in Adobe and other tools
  • Rapidly iterating on concepts with image generation
  • Creating visuals unique to you, that competitors can't find in a stock library

And while we use AI to augment our design services, our creative professionals are always driving the strategy and refining the outputs with your collaboration.



Design that delivers on your goals.

A powerful brand experience should do more than make you look good. By focusing on your goals and business strategy, New Breed's graphic design services help you cultivate customer communities, enhance and scale your demand generation program and provide clear, actionable learning experiences for your prospects and customers.

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Delight and inspire users at every interaction. Help prospects see how they’ll benefit from your offering, and grow revenue over time with consistent on-brand moments across your blogs, ads, downloadable content and more.
Harness the power of AI. Leverage AI innovations like text-to-image generation, neural filters and more in Adobe and Midjourney to increase the efficiency and quality of your creative and design program.
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Improve your content performance. Improve key content metrics like visitors' time-on-page, conversions and ROI with sharp design that helps you stand out as innovative industry leaders and tell a clear product story.
Mature and modernize your brand. Level up your creative strategy and design treatments to lead the market and become the brand people recognize, admire and strive to replicate.
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Refine your customer experiences. Engineer every visual moment to deliver a powerful customer experience — from highly resonant ads and images, to industry-specific collateral and informative product documentation.
Build a design system that scales. Save time and drive consistency by creating brand guidelines and usable asset libraries for your website, blogs, premium content, paid advertising and more — all built with the marketer in mind.

Our data-driven, customer-centric creative approach.

“New Breed has been an incredible partner since we started working together. Strategic, proactive, responsive, creative and always delivering high quality work -- and turning it around quickly!”

Valentina Marastoni-Bieser | VP Marketing & Client Engagement | SmartHop


We bring the skills to turn design into an efficiency-driver — not an extra step.

With decades of experience integrating design with customers’ broader demand generation programs, we work with you to invest time when design matters most and maximize efficiency when speed and volume are key. No matter your channel or focus area, our creative and design teams unify efforts to create a consistent and easy delivery process for you — and a seamless front-end experience for your target customers. However you engage with New Breed, we document your brand identity and apply it consistently across your website modules, premium content, sales enablement and all marketing channels.

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Going for a competitive edge?
Get creative.

See how our graphic design services can elevate your brand, disrupt the market, and improve your growth program.

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