Materialogic Grows New Customer Acquisition
By 3X

A leading third-party logistics MSP, Materialogic sought a comprehensive growth strategy that combined inbound customer acquisition with an improved web presence and scalable revenue operations.

The team aimed to impact all aspects of the funnel — from increasing organic traffic through more effective demand generation tactics to tracking website ROI, optimizing lead routing, and streamlining sales operations.

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Website Underperformance

With a website that didn't reflect their brand and values, Materialogic knew they needed to course-correct to maximize lead generation. However, they needed more visibility into channels and activities that drive results. Previous websites either failed to accurately represent the brand or provide necessary insights for optimizing ROI. Plus, the website could benefit from a more intuitive user experience and navigation. 

Optimizing Lead Scoring and Routing

Materialogic needed an effective way to set up workflows and qualify leads accordingly. As a result, they disqualified potentially viable prospects while struggling to identify interest at the top of the funnel and nurture leads through the sales cycle. Therefore, it became apparent that the team needed greater flexibility within its existing lead-scoring process.

Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting 

Materialogic needed more visibility into channels and activities driving results, yet needed more data and insights to know where they should focus their efforts. They needed custom dashboards for visualizing data and advanced analytics for meaningful insights from their data, and expert guidance on customized tracking and reporting within their HubSpot.



Sales-Ready Website | Demand Generation |  Lead Scoring and Routing | Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting

Sales-Ready Website

To tackle Materialogic's objectives, New Breed developed and deployed a website redesign strategy. The team combined deep technical expertise with inbound marketing insights to deliver a sales-ready website optimized for traffic and conversions. The new site improved UX with intuitive information architecture for a seamless user journey — while conveying value with conversion-worthy content at every touchpoint.

Six-Month Post-Launch Results

Following the website redesign, Materialogic witnessed a surge in sessions, contacts created, and customers within six months post-launch:

69% surge in
website sessions
33.7% increase in
leads created
Six new customers
on board

Demand Generation and Ongoing Optimization

As part of ongoing optimization efforts of the website, New Breed implemented SEO-rich content updates, launched paid media and PPC strategies, A/B tested targeted landing pages, deployed exit pop-up CTAs to reduce bounce rates, and launched a newsletter to nurture leads toward accelerating sales opportunities.


Lead Nurturing

New Breed leveraged targeted email campaigns and sequences to establish a deeper connection with potential customers, fostering trust and credibility with each interaction.


Account-Based Marketing

With precision and accuracy, New Breed utilized various account-based marketing tactics, including personalized email campaigns and targeted advertising, to reach high-value prospects and generate quality leads.


Content Marketing

To educate prospects and reinforce Materialogic's position as an industry leader, New Breed crafted a strategic content marketing plan featuring various resources, including blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and guides.


Social Media

New Breed leveraged the power of social media to broaden Materialogic's reach and strengthen brand recognition. The team successfully drove website traffic through engaging content, targeted advertising campaigns, and generated leads.


Analytics and Measurement

To ensure ongoing success, New Breed implemented a thorough analytics and measurement program in HubSpot to track key metrics, such as website traffic, lead generation, and conversions. This data-driven approach allows for informed strategy adjustments and continuous optimization.

Refined Lead Scoring and Routing System 

To improve lead management, New Breed implemented a sophisticated system to allow Materialogic to score leads based on the likelihood of closing, set up email sequences in HubSpot Sales Hub, route leads to team members or departments, and easily access reports in HubSpot for visibility into the sales funnel. This system helps ensure qualified leads are identified and routed quickly for faster follow-up and higher conversion rates.

Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting

By deploying custom dashboards in HubSpot, New Breed enabled Materialogic to gain valuable insight into the impact of their multi-channel investment. With a new scorecard system outlining which channels drive closed won deals and customer journey segmentation for enhanced lead tracking, Materialogic could now allocate resources more accurately to maximize returns from marketing activities.

12-Month Post-Launch Results

In a period of 12 months, ongoing demand generation and sales enablement strategy resulted in lead generation and revenue growth from sources across the funnel:

70% lead increase generated from website traffic
765% revenue growth sourced from organic search
1649% revenue increase from direct traffic
26% increase in sales conversions from opportunity to closed-won deals.
367% increase in new customer acquisition
Materialogic + New Breed

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