Partnerships that supercharge your
HubSpot CRM.

New Breed partners with select technology and app providers in the HubSpot ecosystem to help you design and customize the best tech stack for your needs. Whether you need to improve automation, enhance your data and reporting or get more sophisticated in your segmentation and targeting, our partnerships will help tech-enable your growth.


The right platforms and processes can help you achieve your revenue potential.

New Breed’s partner program is built to connect trusted software providers with customers who need to expand their capabilities, optimize their tech stack and achieve scalable, profitable growth. Whether you need to launch an account-based marketing program, streamline your quote-to-revenue process or drive better outcomes from every sales conversation, we have the technology partnerships and strategic expertise to guide your team.

Our technology partners.

These trusted technologies work in parallel with New Breed's services to help our customers reduce complexity, drive demand and extend native HubSpot functionality.

Streamline your quote-to-revenue process. Issue proposals, close deals, manage contracts, and automate your subscriptions and billing in one unified platform — all connected to HubSpot. Visit Website
Accelerate revenue growth with ABM. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, RollWorks helps you confidently grow revenue by focusing on the right accounts at the right time. Visit Website
Increase pipeline, improve conversion and reduce go-to-market waste with ABM. Eliminate the costs of missed opportunities and mistimed deals by pinpointing the accounts that matter most. Visit Website
Better outcomes from every conversation. The ultimate integrated business phone system for sales and support teams. Visit Website
Save on your SaaS vendors. Finance and procurement teams are guaranteed savings and ROI when they purchase through Vendr: the SaaS Buying Platform designed to help you save, powered by data. Visit Website

HubSpot: Our first, most foundational technology partnership.

As an inaugural Elite Partner and HubSpot's only three-time Top Partner in North America, we help companies maximize their HubSpot ROI, capitalize on its incredible ecosystem and ultimately get the most from their tech stack. The core value and capabilities for all our technology partnerships stem from this one.

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The right partnerships can drive your efficiency, growth and profitability. Ask us how it can work for your business.

Connect with our team for a free assessment to learn how you can leverage New Breed’s technology partnerships and take advantage of the full capabilities in the HubSpot ecosystem.

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Interested in becoming a partner?

Our approach to technology partnerships is focused on maximizing value and impact for our customers. We work with partners who fill 'white space' in the HubSpot ecosystem and align with and expand New Breed's capabilities. Contact our Partnerships team to learn more.