Case Study

300 leads.
300K in pipeline.
Within 3 months.

A Global Fraud Prevention Leader Expands into a Key Market with a Multichannel ABM Strategy.

A global fraud prevention firm turns to New Breed to accelerate demand generation.

The 400-strong organization and leader in eCommerce fraud had recently invested in the HubSpot Enterprise growth stack. They needed a partner capable of implementing both a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy and targeted account-based marketing programs at scale. 

The company selected New Breed to implement both the strategic and technical components of this complete demand generation strategy.

After first implementing SalesHub Enterprise and migrating the company’s website to the Hubspot CMS, the focus of the partnership turned to account-based marketing within Latin America and Mexico. 

The challenge: Aligning marketing and sales stakeholders and leveraging ABM tools to expand into a strategic market.

The Latin America/Mexico market represented a great strategic fit for a targeted growth strategy. The region is experiencing a growing volume of fraud, and existing fraud prevention solutions in the market are largely outdated or outmoded. 

To enter the market, the team targeted 10 enterprise-scale accounts, with hopes of generating 2 good-fit MQLs representing over $1,000,000 in potential revenue. Meeting this target would require a coordinated, cross-functional strategy.  Key challenges included:

  • Aligning marketing, sales, and operational  stakeholders on strategy, and leveraging centralized analytics and insights to track performance.
  • Creating content offers and messaging that would highlight key pain points associated with existing fraud solutions
  • Engaging contacts representing several distinct personas, and ensuring lockstep execution throughout the campaign.

New Breed’s solution: Highly targeted omnichannel campaigns, timely sales follow-up, and clear-cut reporting

To create and drive the strategy, New Breed developed a comprehensive, three-month campaign leveraging HubSpot ABM tools. The effort combined content marketing, paid advertising, email and social lead nurturing, and the development and implementation of new sales templates to follow up with both warm and hot leads. 

All aspects of the campaign were concepted and developed within eight weeks to ensure timely delivery.

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Campaign Overview

Operational alignment: Marketing and sales playbook development, identification of campaign KPIs, regional sales-rep follow-up workstreams, and reporting.

Paid Campaigns: Paid advertising focused on optimal targeting relevance, with campaigns delivered to regional LinkedIn pages.

Multi-touch nurture and sales outreach: Development and implementation of “full-funnel” nurture campaigns across all relevant contacts at identified target accounts; sales templates and direct sales outreach via HubSpot's LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.



Within weeks after launch, the campaign outperformed benchmark targets and drove both leads and revenue pipeline.  Key highlights included:

0 300+ Leads
0 Over $300k In Pipeline
  • Over 300 new leads from target accounts within a 3 month period, at  a cost-per-acquisition 50% lower than target benchmark
  • Over $300K in pipeline

Additionally, the ABM campaign has helped contribute to success across the organization’s overall demand generation program. As of September, the partnership is currently 202% to identified goals for lead generation.  

The success of this initial campaign has led the team to evaluate continued expansion of the demand generation program, including building into new markets.


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