Webinar Recording | From Audit to Execution: How to Successfully Migrate To HubSpot CRM

Host: Jacque Turbett, Manager of Revenue Operations at New Breed

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The State of HubSpot 2023 report found that 82% of revenue leaders attribute significant revenue growth to a unified sales and marketing platform. Despite potential tech stack transition challenges, 4 in 5 non-HubSpot users are eyeing a shift to HubSpot's Hubs in the next year for a simplified tech framework.

But migrating to HubSpot CRM is not just about simplification—it's a way to cut expenses, gain funnel clarity, align teams effortlessly, and unlock robust enterprise functionality. The ROI is also clear: 80% of revenue leaders saw lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and increased bookings and revenue with HubSpot CRM adoption.

What You’ll Learn: Avoid Pitfalls, Boost Productivity.

  • Migration musts: Steps you can take before, during, and after your migration to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the new tool.
  • Migration mistakes to avoid: Common (and no so common) mistakes to avoid as you prepare for the migration process.
  • How to prepare for a migration: Actions and internal alignment required that will ensure you maintain the same level of productivity while going through the migration process.
  • How to audit your portal: Learn the key aspects of your portal to audit so you can better understand the migration project in full before beginning.

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Learn from Experts Who've Been There, Done That.

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the migration experiences of experienced professionals who have effectively shifted to HubSpot CRM. Our panelists will share their firsthand experiences and lessons learned during the transition:

Jacque Turbett, Manager of RevOps at New Breed Explore New Breed's meticulous approach for a smooth migration, ensuring operational continuity and enhanced performance.
Michael Barber, VP of Marketing at Grow Schools Uncover Grow Schools' successful transition from Marketo to HubSpot, revealing the strategic shifts that drove efficiency and success.
Elyse Ingham, Marketing Manager at The simPRO Group Discover simPRO's transition from Pardot to HubSpot, highlighting key preparatory steps and post-migration strategies.