Global Tech Company Migrates Multiple Business Units from Pardot to HubSpot


Simpro, a leader in business management solutions, recognized the need for an advanced marketing automation platform to meet its growing needs. The strategic decision to switch from Pardot to HubSpot was fueled by the need for powerful integration capabilities, automated workflows, and advanced testing features. New Breed played a crucial role in this complex migration, essential for system enhancement and integration within Simpro's existing HubSpot portal and Salesforce CRM.


Unraveling the complexities of data migration.

Since the migration was due to take place into an existing HubSpot portal, there were several challenges that needed to be addressed:

Adding a new business unit to an existing HubSpot portal.

Before the migration, ClockShark (a subsidiary of Simpro) was the only entity using the HubSpot instance. Adding in another business meant that business units needed to be activated and deployed across all existing objects and assets. This created increased sensitivity around the migration process because the importing of new data and activation of new processes needed to be separate and not impact the existing business unit.

Pardot ←→ HubSpot is not ‌a 1:1 migration.

Our team carefully assessed functionality and tools on both platforms, determining what needs to be brought over, how to bring it over, and specific configurations for the new business unit. During this audit, we also evaluated the performance and use cases of assets set up in Pardot, informing our decision on what aspects to migrate. 

We identified non-performing or low-performing assets, specifically related to email nurture campaigns and landing pages, that should be excluded from the migration to HubSpot based on their performance.

Overall lead funnel, segmentation, and handoff strategy needed to be revisited.

In Pardot, Simpro lacked clear lifecycle stages, lead segmentation, and a streamlined marketing-to-sales handoff process. New Breed’s team's main focus was collaborating closely with the Simpro team to define lifecycle stages, specifically Marketing Qualified Leads, and determine the optimal handoff point. 

This required a comprehensive understanding of the necessary data for assigning and transferring leads to the appropriate sales reps, which also influenced the form strategy and the data collection strategy at each stage.

HubSpot Products Used

Marketing Hub Enterprise
Sales Hub Enterprise
Service Hub
Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise


Seamlessly mapping, migrating and consolidating data.

Our team ensured a smooth and error-free data migration for Simpro through a tailored, robust quality control and risk management methodology. Thoroughness, precision, and clarity were prioritized every step of the way to maintain operations and achieve accurate, clean, and efficient data transfer.

Preliminary Data Audit

New Breed initiated a meticulous examination of both Pardot and HubSpot data structures. This allowed them to identify overlap areas and strategize for an efficient data transfer.

Adopting the CSV Import Technique

Instead of a direct system-to-system migration, New Breed chose the CSV import route. This choice allowed for data cleaning, reformatting, and organization pre-import, reducing potential complications.

ClockShark Owner Property Implementation

A unique ClockShark owner property was introduced as a measure against overlapping prospects and clients. This smart move ensured that ClockShark and Simpro's datasets remained distinguishable, especially during Salesforce integration.

New Breed implemented a carefully planned phased integration strategy, systematically transferring Simpro's data into ClockShark's portal. This deliberate segmentation safeguarded the integrity of existing automation and datasets, preventing any disruptions or disturbances.

Ongoing Quality Assurance Efforts

The QA process was vital throughout the migration due to the complexities of the portal and the need for continuous improvements and adjustments to align with new processes and functionalities.


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From Pardot to HubSpot: Simpro's migration and integration journey.

Seamless data migration and system integration go beyond technical tasks; they are crucial steps toward achieving operational excellence. Simpro's successful transition from Pardot to HubSpot, guided by New Breed, is a testament to this transformative journey. The results not only emphasized the expertise involved but also showcased the tangible benefits of a strategic tech stack transition.

  • Efficient Data Transfer and Improved Processes: The strategic planning by New Breed and the detailed internal collaboration at Simpro led to a smooth data transfer. The migration also allowed Simpro to streamline its marketing automation, significantly reducing the number of workflows, forms, and email lists.

  • Streamlined System Integration and Reduced Complexity: The integration of Simpro’s system with HubSpot revealed a significant reduction in tech stack complexity. This consolidation streamlined operations, allowing for more efficient workflows and collaboration between Simpro and ClockShark.

  • Enhanced User Experience and Learning Curve: The migration positively transformed the day-to-day operations, making data management tools and marketing automation systems more intuitive. The user-friendly nature of HubSpot, coupled with its comprehensive learning resources, facilitated a quicker and more effective adoption by the Simpro team.

The migration journey of Simpro from Pardot to HubSpot, enhanced by seamless Salesforce integration, serves as an inspiring testament for businesses seeking to unify their tech platforms. It exemplifies the immense potential of strategic planning and expert execution in driving transformative outcomes.
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