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September 29, 2022

3 Sales Integrations to Supercharge Your HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a suite of powerful marketing, sales, and services tools that equip teams to engage new audiences, drive conversions, and enhance the buyer’s journey. For sales teams, the results are in: after a year of using HubSpot, companies report having 92% more closed-won deals on average.

Right out of the box, HubSpot CRM breaks down data silos and improves team workflows. As importantly, HubSpot stays true to its mission of centralization. As a result, the software is one of the most integration-friendly CRMs in the market. 

Sales integrations help you bring your tools, tactics, and prospects’ information together using HubSpot. You’ll be able to unite your marketing, support, and sales activities in a central location for the team to access, analyze, and refer to as needed. In fact, upgrades and integrations are key to maximizing the ROI of HubSpot CRM and reaching the full potential of the powerful software across the business. Here are some recommendations.

General: HubSpot Sales Hub

If your team is using the free HubSpot CRM, we’ll recommend upgrading to Sales Hub before considering third-party integrations. A powerful sales performance management software, HubSpot Sales Hub is an ace up the sleeve of sales leaders looking to optimize their sales engine for revenue generation, operational efficiency, and scalable growth.

The performance data reported by HubSpot customers all over the globe speaks to the powerful impact of the tool. After upgrading to Sales Hub, sales teams report at least a 24% increase in closed-won deals, with teams on the Enterprise tier experiencing gains of up to 347% in a calendar year. 

Sales Hub adds key functionality to enable reps to better engage with leads and close more deals, faster. Here’s a snapshot of the capabilities the tool can add to your team:

  • Outreach automation, personalization, and tracking 
  • Automated logging of contact information, email opens, and clicks
  • Conversion intelligence 
  • Email templates, sales enablement content management  
  • Centralized sales rep activity dashboard 
  • Advanced analytics, customized reporting, and forecasting 
  • Seamless CRM sync for holistic pipeline management
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Database Sync: Salesforce

If you’re a Salesforce user, you can automatically sync all of your contacts’ information from the database into HubSpot once connected to the Salesforce integration. This allows you to work with reps to get strong lead intelligence and revenue reporting. You can mesh your marketing and sales work, content, and information so you and your team can access any information from either system at any point in time.

Communications: Vidyard 

Benefits of the HubSpot-Vidyard integration include:

Converting viewers into leads: The integration allows you to add CTAs and forms directly into your videos. 

Tracking video engagement to improve content and sales follow-up: In your HubSpot CRM, you can see what videos your prospects are watching and how many of them, so you can improve the content and give more context to your sales follow-up. 

Triggering automation based on views: You can use data gathered in HubSpot from your Vidyard videos

Lead Routing: Distributely

HubSpot’s native lead routing capabilities are critical to sales team operations. But with growing quotas and customer expectations, high-growth teams need to maximize available resources and leverage enhancing integrations to support scalable lead routing.

Purpose-built by New Breed for HubSpot, Distributely now offers custom, advanced lead routing by seamlessly integrating with the CRM. It also provides the same simple, scalable automation for Tickets in HubSpot, help support teams scale faster and delight customers. 

Simplified Workflows: Buying programmatic actions and maintaining large workflows in HubSpot alone can be challenging. With Distributely, sales leaders can build and customize rules in minutes, right in the app.

Customized Routing: By creating teams on your terms and assigning leads based on tenure, performance, territory, specialization, industry segment, and more, you can add consistency and higher levels of engagement to the buyer’s journey.

Capacity & Availability Management: Set reps’ availability, timezone, or capacity by the hour right within the app, with no disruption to other workflows. Distributely’s capacity-based weighted system instantly factors in the open pipeline and tilts leads to the right rep accordingly. Plus, the app enables setting a maximum ‘cap’ of leads each rep or team can be assigned.

Distributely is the only turnkey app developed specifically to help sales and operations leaders eliminate wasted hours on lead routing. It creates more value out of the HubSpot CRM through a seamlessly integrated application that delivers the right lead, to the right rep, at the right time, every time.

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Al Moore

Al is the Director of Marketing for New Breed. He has spent the last 15+ years as a B2B and SaaS marketer, and he is passionate about helping companies leverage the digital space to reach and engage their audiences effectively and efficiently.


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