April 3, 2023

How Sales Teams Can Use AI to Close More Revenue

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from content marketing to chatbots and everything in between. As we forge into the unknown and exciting frontier of AI-powered business tools and processes, we are on a journey of mutual discovery of what is possible. 

Well, the age of content marketing squads having all the AI fun is over, and sales teams are the beneficiaries. As sales is a uniquely human-driven profession, integrating AI in sales in a helpful way is a tricky balance between art and efficiency. We have collected a handful of use cases where AI in sales can not only complement but augment the sales process and allow skilled sales teams to focus on the more nuanced elements of driving KPIs and successful revenue outcomes.

A Word on Human Instinct

Despite sensationalized headlines and LinkedIn posts about AI claiming jobs from hardworking professionals, many jobs, including sales, require human insight to be performed at the highest level. There's a wealth of value in human intuition and infinite insights that sales representatives glean from the body language and mannerisms of prospective clients alone that AI is not yet capable of detecting. 

The use of AI in sales is a terrific and promising tool for sales teams. It facilitates better communication, automates tasks that do not benefit from human judgment, and enhances sales processes in a way that is conducive to better bottom-line revenue. For all this and more, AI in sales should be used as a tool and welcomed with open arms by sales reps instead of apprehension.

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7 Ways AI Supports Sales Revenue

Part of the excitement with leveraging AI in sales is discovering capabilities as they develop. While there are countless functionalities inevitably being built, there are plenty of helpful ones to leverage right now. Here are seven powerful capabilities sales teams can use to close more revenue.

Automated lead scoring and qualification

Lead scoring is a foundational aspect of effective sales. By assigning scores to different leads based on their likelihood to progress to the next stage of the buyer’s journey (and eventually become a customer), sales reps can better serve them in a tailored manner.

The application of AI in sales empowers sales teams to automate lead scoring so they can spend more time on the critical aspects of sales and less time evaluating past behavior metrics to determine lead status.

Buyer behavior analysis

Determining the best product for a potential buyer can be complex, especially if the buyer doesn’t know themselves. AI helps sales teams by analyzing buyer behavior and pushing that information to predict future buyer behavior. In this way, sales teams can recommend the product or service that is most likely to convert into a sale.

Workflow automation

Workflows are the lifeblood of most businesses, and one of the greatest contributions AI can make to any business application is workflow automation. By leveraging AI for processes like workflow automation, sales teams are able to step back from the menial tasks involved in the sales process and focus on the bigger picture.

Predictive analytics for sales forecasting

AI is capable of powerful predictive analytics that lends real-data-backed credibility to your sales forecasting. AI packs historical trends and data looking to the future of sales and allows your sales team to make calculated, informed decisions that drive future revenue.

Chatbots for customer service and sales

Chatbots have been a revelation in efficiency when it comes to prompt, automated customer service and sales functions. Customers can access a comprehensive database of common questions and answers backed by machine learning and dynamic natural language tools without the annoying hold music. And the best part about chatbots? They’re only getting smarter with time. 

Take HubSpot’s ChatSpot.ai as an example. ChatSpot is unique in that it turns chatbot functionality from external customer service function inward. With ChatSpot.ai, sales teams are able to take full advantage of the HubSpot CRM by inputting natural language queries. By combining the functionalities of ChatGPT, Hubspot CRM, DALL-E 2, and Google Dos, ChatSpot.ai can deliver the sales outcome your team needs. 

ChatSpot.ai even includes a list of helpful sales-relevant prompts like “how many contacts are there” and “add this contact and follow up in four days”. Shortcuts like those that are powered by ChatSpot.ai are essential to unburdening your sales team to work more efficiently.  

The Sales Leader's Guide to Selling: Download Your Free Copy

Content recommendations 

Content continues to be king, but sometimes having the wrong content at the wrong time can stall the sales process. When used properly, the application of AI in sales can apply historical data from previous engagements to ensure your team always delivers the most relevant and engaging content that properly correlates to the funnel stage a prospect is in.

Data enrichment

Using AI in sales allows you to more easily access and synthesize mountains of supplemental data from various sources, so your sales team has all the information needed to make strategic choices.

Keeping Accountability in Sales

Armed with the support of AI in sales, your team can be more effective and efficient than ever before. The key is to rely on AI when you can but still make critical game-time decisions based on personal experience and insights into your professional experience. 

Don’t be afraid AI will disrupt your natural sales cadence. Simply integrate it one step at a time, and watch the results develop!

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