July 14, 2023

New Breed Earns HubSpot’s Custom Integration Accreditation

The New Breed team is excited to announce we’ve earned the latest accreditation from HubSpot – this time the most technical one yet. We’re now proud recipients of HubSpot’s Custom Integration Accreditation.

We're firm believers that every business and team should have access to connected, accurate data. With this, there are many processes and technologies that come into play. 

Companies need the ability to accelerate data-driven decision making, streamline processes and build more connectivity as a team. With custom-built solutions that integrate with HubSpot, connected data can be actualized and fuel overall business outcomes. 

What is the Custom Integration Accreditation?

The newest accreditation validates the skills and strategic experience required to scope, develop, and deploy complex, CRM-adjacent custom integrations to solve for unique client needs and requirements in the HubSpot CRM platform.

In addition to product-specific knowledge, the skills and experience required to earn this accreditation include elements of data modeling, customer relationship management, and needs-assessment-powered solutioning.

This accomplishment was no easy feat! The process required a series of different steps including:

  • Team certifications
  • An active multi-object, bidirectional integration, including the integration design, deployment plan, error handling process and visual diagram to conceptualize how data flows between systems. 
  • Even more, our developers behind the integration got involved to provide a video overview of how it all works.

Learn how our HubSpot Integration improved sales performance and overall efficiency.

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This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. "Earning the 'Custom Integration Accreditation' further solidifies our position as a leader in the HubSpot partner community," New Breed’s CEO, Patrick Biddiscombe added.

“At New Breed, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve success, and we are thrilled to amongst the first Elite partners to earn this recognition from HubSpot."

First time hearing about HubSpot Accreditations?

  • HubSpot accreditations validate that partners that support the success of HubSpot customers at the highest levels of quality, service, and strategic insight.
  • They are awarded to partners who demonstrate they have the expertise, capacity, and practical experience needed to serve customers with complex technical and business needs.
  • New Breed proudly earned all available accreditations:

We’re committed to helping our customers build for growth and these HubSpot accreditations push us to do just that!

Ready to integrate your tech and processes to HubSpot? 

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Olivia Perek-Clark

Olivia Perek-Clark leads New Breed’s Learning and Development team. She is a seasoned Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing Strategist turned team trainer who has a passion for developing systems and content that help other New Breeders do their best work for our clients.


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