September 8, 2022

New Breed Introduces UPonent, the All-New Sales Gamification App

New Breed, the premier revenue performance management partner for the world’s fastest-growing companies, today announced the launch of UPonent, its latest application coming soon to the HubSpot App Marketplace

Engineered to help drive sales team performance, the innovative application features a personalized interface that allows HubSpot users to “gamify” the sales process and inspire each other to greater performance. Intuitive competition-style dashboards drive teamwide engagement while displaying KPIs and achievements in real time. 

The app addresses the need for teamwide performance, motivation and HubSpot platform adoption, a challenge scaling teams increasingly face in an era of remote and hybrid work settings.  By adding game mechanics to an existing sales infrastructure, the app transforms traditional sales contests and processes into interactive and motivational challenges that can generate better results and improve team engagement. Purpose built for HubSpot, it integrates seamlessly into each user’s HubSpot CRM experience, and can be installed and configured within minutes.

“UPonent has the potential to be game-changing for sales teams on HubSpot,” said Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO of New Breed. “After using HubSpot to grow our own business as well as hundreds of clients, we know that driving team motivation is critical to success. By focusing on that challenge and making the sales process more exciting, we’re taking a big step forward toward our vision to revolutionize how companies grow.”

“As an elite HubSpot partner, New Breed not only has comprehensive knowledge of our CRM, but they’ve also had a longstanding commitment to innovation that helps its customers get more value from our platform,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Having New Breed now building applications that layer onto HubSpot and streamline key processes has the potential to drive game-changing results for scaling businesses."

Sales gamification built for teams on hubspot

About New Breed

New Breed is the premier revenue performance management firm for the world's fastest-growing companies. The company’s approach aligns people, processes and platforms in order to drive success. As one of HubSpot's elite North American solutions partners, New Breed is a recognized leader in leveraging the inbound methodology to foster sustainable and efficient growth.

Al Moore

Al is the Director of Marketing for New Breed. He has spent the last 15+ years as a B2B and SaaS marketer, and he is passionate about helping companies leverage the digital space to reach and engage their audiences effectively and efficiently.


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