How Integrating HubSpot with an ATS Improved Sales Performance

Revenue and technology leaders recognize the impact of CRM integrations on sales performance and efficiency.

IT Avalon, a leading national woman-owned staffing company, faced a common problem - disjointed sales and marketing operations caused by a suboptimal CRM setup. The teams were unable to effectively track customer interactions and extract valuable insights, leading to underwhelming sales performance.

To tackle this challenge, IT Avalon partnered with New Breed's RevOps team to develop a custom integration solution tailored to their unique requirements. The result was a streamlined and efficient operation that drove significant improvements in sales performance.


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Challenge: Insufficient Native Integration and API Limits

IT Avalon relied heavily on syncing detailed notes and activities from JobDiva to HubSpot's contact records. However, the native integration only allowed for the transfer of individual contacts, leaving out vital details under each sales, recruiter, and candidate record.

JobDiva's API limit was 30X slower than HubSpot's API, causing delays and hindering data synchronization.

This made it critical for the company to find a solution that would bypass these limitations and allow them to leverage the capabilities of both JobDiva and HubSpot fully.

Solution: Customized Integration for Optimized Performance

New Breed's team delivered a custom integration solution that exceeded the company's expectations. The solution created various objects within HubSpot and synchronized them with corresponding records in JobDiva using a secure API connection.

RevOps experts used custom behavioral events to sync specific activities and events with HubSpot contacts, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and interactions. The team developed a reliable data queue system to enhance Job Diva's API log. They enabled seamless CRM sync and faster data transfer using a custom backend message-based system and direct API calls.

With these capabilities, IT Avalon could create and store tailored data and set up triggers based on company-defined events for sophisticated tracking, analysis, and automation.

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The Impact

Improved tracking Improved tracking and understanding of customer interactions, resulting in a significant boost in sales performance.
Workflow Efficiency Improved team collaboration and workflow efficiency through streamlined communication and collaboration between departments.
Increased Conversions Increased conversion rate by gaining valuable customer insights and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.
Saved Time Automated repetitive tasks, freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives.
Operational Excellence Achieved new operation levels, gaining a competitive edge in the market.
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