September 7, 2022

What is RevOps as a Service?

Revenue operations, or RevOps, is the process by which companies align all the operational functions supporting their sales, marketing, and customer service organizations.  At the core of this process is data: In order to operate effectively, organizations need centralized visibility into how prospects and customers engage with them throughout the entire revenue cycle, from marketing channels to sales touchpoints.

A comprehensive RevOps approach accounts for demand generation, tech stack alignment (including the integration of MarTech and CRM technologies), and revenue analytics. If businesses can combine these elements, they’re well-equipped to optimize their end-to-end revenue generation process. However, many struggle to do so given the multitude of disciplines at hand. 

RevOps — from initial implementation to ongoing iteration — requires in-house technical skills, strategic and analytical skills, and change management skills, among others. For many, if not most organizations, supporting internal operational leaders with an outsourced RevOps team makes more sense than attempting to insource all the functions required for operational success. The following article highlights how this outsourced approach — RevOps as a Service — can be effectively applied. 

Free RevOps Guide: Deploy an Effective Revenue Strategy for Your Scaling  Business.

What is RevOps as a Service? 

Unifying  marketing, sales, and services functions has quickly evolved from progressive strategy to table stakes. RevOps as a Service is a partnership with certified RevOps experts who establish, own and optimize the customer-centric activities of a company. This strategic partnership ensures all operations are focused on generating revenue — without impeding in-house teams from individual and organization-wide productivity and goal attainment. 

What kind of companies should employ RevOps as a Service? 

The answer is simple. No matter their growth stage, teams looking to up level their operations through strategic implementation, tech-stack consolidation, strategic integrations, and attribution reporting across a complex business ecosystem should consider augmenting the process with RevOps as a Service. 

However, for companies aiming to reach, maintain, and exceed enterprise-level growth, RevOps as a Service is an absolute necessity.

Enterprise systems in particular stand to gain significant competitive advantage through streamlining their operations — from reduced overhead resources to consolidated tech stacks to improved overall agility — so entrusting a strategic and technically-advanced expert for high-stakes implementation is a highly strategic decision for the business. 

If you’re ready to implement a comprehensive strategy in your organization and understand precisely where your organization may need to employ RevOps as a Service experts, read The Definitive Guide to Revenue Operations at Scale here.

Free RevOps Guide: Deploy an Effective Revenue Strategy for Your Scaling  Business.

Critical business areas improved by RevOps as a Service 

To put it simply, RevOps as a Service guides high-growth companies toward complete alignment of three crux functions of any business: people, processes, and platforms. Here’s what that means for each operation. 


When you work with true RevOps experts, their mission goes beyond merely implementing seamless operations, optimized processes, and unified data systems. They’ll also train your in-house teams on how to leverage new capabilities to their maximum potential. 


The RevOps as a Service team should be a seamless extension of your organization. That’s why RevOps experts are equipped to support any auditing, planning, selecting, integrating, implementing, and adopting step of the end-to-end operations optimization process.


The top RevOps experts in the industry are highly knowledgeable and/or certified in platforms your organization already uses or wants to implement, like HubSpot and Salesforce. Many experts will also specialize in add-on integrations like Zapier, Pardot, and Chargebee, and have extensive experience in migrating or connecting various platforms for process optimization. 

Key initiatives within a RevOps as a Service partnership to support the above functions include: 

  • Platform support: auditing and augmenting the tech stack to align with team functions and revenue growth; supporting platforms to ensure KPIs alignment
  • Lead management: executing optimal lead routing systems and best practices, plus supporting CRM integrations, form strategy, and data clean-up processes.
  • Reporting and dashboards: ensuring access to accurate data by refining all workflows and databases; setting up dashboards for insights like team-specific revenue attribution.
  • Technical support and training: identifying potential weaknesses and proactively setting up prevention measures; training teams on all platforms, tools, processes, and functions. 

Cross-functional alignment, scalable operations, and cohesive insights for complex operations are all attainable with the support of industry experts. Dive into the technical areas, RevOps supports to supercharge functions across your organization toward revenue growth by downloading The Definitive Guide to Revenue Operations here.  

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