November 18, 2022

7 Ways to Supercharge Your HubSpot ROI with Zapier

If you're like most HubSpot users in a leadership position, you're always looking for ways to automate your team's tasks and optimize operational efficiency. That's where Zapier enters the scene.

A user-friendly tool for integrations, Zapier enables marketing, sales, services, and ops teams to leverage HubSpot's powerful engine across all tools in their tech stack. By connecting the platforms, business leaders can automate manual activities, maximize cross-functional efficiency, and drive performance with limited resources.

This blog dives into how Zapier benefits HubSpot users, outlines popular integrations for core business functions, and introduces a case for custom apps and integrations for high-growth companies. 

How Can Zapier Support HubSpot Users?

When connected, HubSpot and Zapier deliver the best of both worlds: the power and consistency of a trusted CRM with the agility to update and experiment with your existing marketing stack. Plus, Zapier is free to all HubSpot customers! 

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that enables HubSpot users to send data and trigger actions across thousands of applications. Users can automatically share data between the CRM and other marketing and sales tools, update email lists in real time, and trigger workflows when contacts, deals, or companies are updated in the CRM.

For example, creating a new contact in HubSpot (trigger) adds the contact to a Google spreadsheet (action). This simple connection has various benefits for users across all functional areas. The integration allows for seamless data sharing, automates repetitive tasks, and increases team alignment and productivity.

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Share HubSpot data with other tools

The integration allows users to quickly link any tool to HubSpot to enable seamless data sharing. Zapier's user-friendly "Zaps" require no coding skills and act as triggers for automated workflows based on specific actions on any platform.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks

Zapier tracks specific actions across the tech stack to update HubSpot CRM records, create new contacts, update form autofill, and more. The tool helps users avoid manual data entry and spreadsheets and having to jump from one tool to another to align information across critical items.

Increase cross-functional productivity

With the tools working together, managers can boost operational efficiency and give teams more time to focus on their strategic goals. Zapier unites data in a centralized repository, allowing users to update, schedule, delay, transfer, segment, and kick off workflows in one place, increasing alignment across cross-functional activities.

7 Examples of Powerful HubSpot-Zapier Workflows

The possibilities for HubSpot integrations via Zapier are virtually limitless. For examples on how to enhance HubSpot's native capabilities with integrations driving revenue generation, consider the following examples. 

Copy leads from Facebook Lead Ads to HubSpot

With this Zapier integration, any new lead generated from a Facebook Lead Ad will be copied over to HubSpot automatically. This way, you're able to capture all leads in a centralized repository and maximize the ROI of your ad budget.

Send Your Zendesk Tickets to HubSpot Contacts

This integration sends your Zendesk tickets to the appropriate HubSpot contact based on tags and workflows under ticket properties, ensuring that your team has all the information they need to follow up with leads and customers in a timely way. 

Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Integrations: Get Insights from Top RevOps Experts  Here!

Create HubSpot Deals from New Salesforce Leads

With this Zap, any new lead that's generated in Salesforce will convert into a deal in HubSpot automatically. This integration tracks leads through the entire sales process, aligning sales and marketing teams around optimizing the buyer's journey. If your sales or marketing operations require more complex workflows or two-way data sync between HubSpot CRM and Salesforce, look into the native integration in HubSpot Marketplace. 

Send HubSpot contacts to Google Contacts

With this Zap, you can keep your Google Contacts up-to-date automatically. Whenever a new contact is added to HubSpot, they'll be added to your Google Contacts.

Send Slack notifications and messages for deals in HubSpot

Use the HubSpot to Slack integration to send deal information via Slack every time a new deal gets created in HubSpot. You can even choose exactly who gets notified of the new deal, by sending a direct message to a specific user or the entire channel.

Add Shopify customers to HubSpot when an order is placed

Create or update HubSpot contacts from new paid orders in Shopify. This integration monitors Shopify for new paid orders, then updates the corresponding HubSpot contact with all relevant information when an order is placed. If no match is found in your directory, an entirely new contact is created instead.

Manage, track, and organize LinkedIn leads and interactions

By connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot, users can instantly pull lead data into the CRM. This gives your sales and marketing teams the opportunity to view and collaborate on deals and opportunities. The integration also saves personalization info in the CRM record to support outreach efforts and campaigns. 

The Takeaway

HubSpot's powerful suite is key to scalable automation and optimized revenue generation. However, like any software, HubSpot's native platform capabilities have limitations. Integrations allow users to expand what's possible on the platform and extend the power of HubSpot to other tools in your tech stack.

Choosing out-of-the-box integrations via Zapier or the App Marketplace is easy enough. However, as your company grows and operational needs increase in complexity, data synchronization across multiple platforms becomes more difficult. 

By allowing users to build custom apps and integrations directly in the platform, HubSpot empowers business leaders to solve problems through innovative solutions. Our guide, "Builder’s Guide to Custom Apps and Integrations," explores what's possible with tech enablement solutions built on and for HubSpot. Check it out!

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