Download: Free-Trial Conversion Rate Template

Offering a free trial is a common customer-acquisition tactic and a great way to provide value to your potential customers early in the buying process. But, you need a way to monitor your results and ensure that you're extracting value long-term.

Free-Trial Conversion Rate Template

Large amounts of marketing budgets are spent on free trials, but it can be difficult to judge their results. We want you to track your prospects' progression from signup to activation to becoming a customer.

Our Free-Trial Conversion Rate Template is designed to help you do just that.

Using this template, you can easily determine:

  • MRR generated by free trials per persona

  • Free-trial sign-up to activation conversions

  • Activation to customer conversions

  • Free-trial signups by persona

  • Free-trial activations by persona

  • Free-trial customers by persona

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