March 6, 2018

3 Ways to Use HubSpot Pop-Up Forms For Successful Lead Generation


Lead generation is a huge challenge that companies face when trying to reach monthly and yearly revenue goals. The quickest way to increase the amount of leads you generate per month is to add more conversion opportunities to your website.

But adding conversion points into your web copy and navigational structure can be time consuming and may require the help or approval of designers, developers and stakeholders. HubSpot's pop-up form tool provides an alternative conversion strategy aimed at generating new contacts in your database. What's more, pop-up forms are easy to implement, optimize and manage from within your HubSpot portal.

First things first...What Are Pop-Up Forms?

Pop-up forms are small forms that can slide into web pages from multiple directions. These pop-ups can provide a contextually relevant and easily accessible engagement opportunity for prospects visiting various pages of your site. Although pop-ups may seem like an outdated and invasive way to market, they can work to your advantage when executed correctly. Like more complex landing page form capture strategies, pop-up forms uphold Inbound best practices by first prompting visitors with a callout which, once clicked, will direct them to a simple submission form and thank you message. 

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With the HubSpot pop-up form tool, you can choose to delay pop-up forms by seven seconds so that your audience isn’t immediately bombarded by a pop-up as soon as they navigate to a page.  To help you make the most out of pop-up forms in your Lead generation strategy, we've laid out 3 smart ways to use Lead Flows to spark more conversions.

1. Educate Top of the Funnel Leads And Visitors

Adding a simple blog subscription pop-up form to multiple pages of your website can bring in more subscribers each month that your marketing team can then nurture down the funnel. By promoting premium and top of the funnel content in these pop-up forms, you’ll give visitors that are not ready to talk to a sales rep additional opportunities to become leads and enter into a set conversion pathway. Using pop-up forms, you can piece together valuable information from visitors without deterring them with a single, multi-question submission form. This will help you execute a more segmented nurture strategy and allow you to gain more information from top of funnel conversions.


2. Promote Webinars And Other Events

Pop-up forms are a great way to promote webinars and other events at your company. Simply create a pop-up form that provides enough teaser information for Leads to register for the event. Use this information to enroll leads in an email nurture campaign leading up to the event and continue to nurture them afterwards.

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3. Get Visitors Who Are Ready to Learn More About Your Product to Raise Their Hands

In some cases, visitors have heard of your product before and are ready to enter a sales conversation without much nurturing. Give them an easy opportunity to contact your sales team by adding a bottom of the funnel pop-up form to one of the solution pages on your website.

Optimize As You Go

In the pop-up form tool, you can monitor all pop-up forms on your site and see how many conversions each one has. You can see what is performing well and what isn’t for your leads and use this to inform your conversion optimization strategy moving forward. Test the many different ways you can use pop-up forms on your website and continue to evaluate the performance of each one over time. 

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Megan Sullivan

Megan is a Senior Inbound Strategist.


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