January 21, 2014

Top 6 B2B Sales Blogs

top 6 B2B sales blogs

You already know we're a huge advocate for business blogging, so it comes as no surprise that reading other business blogs is a regular part of our continued education here at New Breed. Our team is always sending around interesting articles and our managers encourage us to spend a little time each day reading and learning for our particular skill sets.

With the wealth of information out there, sometimes it's hard to know where to turn. In fact, when you google "Best Sales Blogs" there are 308 million results. How could you ever sift through that amount of information? The truth is, there isn't a way to do it (at least not one we could think of). So we wanted to make things a little easier and share five sales blogs that our team reads on a regular basis.

We've shared our top B2B marketing blogs before, but this time around we wanted to help out your sales team. These sales blogs will inspire and educate your sales team, ultimately making them more well-rounded representatives of your company.

So let's get to it!

1. Salesforce

The Salesforce blog is full of valuable content. We highly suggest that you subscribe to get their updates in your email because you're not going to want to miss their pieces of sales advice. From best practices to selling tips and more, the Salesforce blog is a one-stop-shop for all aspects of B2B sales.

Recent posts we love:

2. HubSpot Sales Blog

As always, we find the content that the team over at HubSpot is producing to be the creme de la creme. It's easy to digest and covers familiar and relevant topics. They speak directly to small and medium sized businesses and we always find their posts to be uplifting and genuinely helpful.

Recent posts we love:

3. Inc.com Sales Section

We've been longtime subscribers to Inc. Magazine. You can always find a few copies floating around the office, but up until recently we hadn't been regularly reading their sales section. What we like about Inc. is the variety of content they publish. It's not always about sales directly, but there are many articles that can make you a better salesperson without having sales in the title.

Recent posts we love:

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4. SalesInside Blog

The SalesInside Blog comes from InsideSales.com, an organization that provides software, training and consulting services to organizations who want to transform their sales teams and help them become more efficient and productive. The blog does just this: it provides tips, tricks and best practices that truly educate us and help us be become better at what we do.

Recent posts we love:

5. Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

What we appreciate about Jill Konrath's blog is the authenticity behind each post. We attended one of her sessions at Inbound 2013 and loved her enthusiasm for the industry and her passion for the subject. Both of those qualities shine through on her blog, where we find informative (and sometimes funny) content.

Recent posts we love:

6. CloserIQ

CloserIQ is a modern recruitment firms that helps connect top sales talent to its network of amazing startup organizations. They're the recruitment firm of choice for VCs, startup incubators and government organizations. Through their years of experience matching qualified sales representatives to the perfect startup, they've learned a few things about B2B sales. We love their blog for its variety of sales-related topics and ability to stay on top of of emerging developments and trends in the sales world.

Recent posts we love:

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