Fresh Clinics Employs Multi-Hub Strategy to Fuel Global Expansion

1,637% ROI from Paid Advertising Targeting International Expansion, Revenue Ops Overhaul

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Fresh Clinics, a healthcare software solutions provider, aimed to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Their goal was to bridge the gap between data availability and sales effectiveness, equipping their sales and service teams with the necessary tools and insights. The focus was on creating a seamless flow from data capture to post-sale services, empowering them to expand operations without compromising client satisfaction or team productivity.


Addressing fragmented data, reliance on manual processes, and limited visibility into reporting.

Navigating the road to digital healthcare is no small task. In the complex and rapidly evolving digital healthcare industry, Fresh Clinics faced challenges that hindered their ability to deliver exceptional service. 

Fragmentation of Data

Disparate data points were scattered across various systems, making it difficult for their sales and service teams to make informed decisions. Every decision became a time-consuming game of connecting the dots, resulting in inefficiency and lost opportunities. 

Overreliance on Manual Process

While manual processes have their place, an excessive dependence on them led to human errors, inconsistencies, and delays. This not only hindered their potential growth trajectory but also undermined the overall efficiency of their operations. 

Lack of Visibility in Reporting

An unclear view of revenue streams and forecasting meant opportunities were sometimes missed, and risks weren't always anticipated. The lack of a cohesive reporting structure also led to teams working in silos,, each having a slightly skewed vision of the bigger picture. 

HubSpot Products Used

Marketing Hub Enterprise
Sales Hub Enterprise
Service Hub
Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise


Integrating process and user-focused strategies.

The solutions integrated process and user-focused strategies for Fresh Clinics. New Breed's advanced automation and personalized data views empowered Fresh Clinics to enhance operational efficiency by addressing unique team needs and automating crucial processes. Using PandaDoc and HubSpot streamlined operations and improved data accessibility, positioning the team for growth.

User-Focused Solutions

Through custom data views, automation, and efficient data modeling, end users on both sales and service teams can operate seamlessly, accessing real-time, relevant data.

Tailored Data Access:

New Breed leveraged Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub to provide customized views for each team. This ensured that pertinent, real-time data was easily accessible, empowering teams to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. With a comprehensive and unified view of their data, sales and service teams were able to connect the dots seamlessly and eliminate the time-consuming process of searching for information across disparate systems.

Process Automation:

By harnessing the power of HubSpot's automation tools, we automated time-consuming tasks that once took hours to complete. This automation via Service Hub propelled leads and tickets through pipelines at an unprecedented pace, allowing Fresh Clinics to optimize their operations and focus on value-driven tasks. With automation in place, human errors, inconsistencies, and delays caused by overreliance on manual labor were significantly reduced, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Dashboard-Centered Insights:

To provide stakeholders with a bird's eye view of operations, we integrated a three-tier dashboard system within HubSpot. This system encompassed sales, onboarding, and financial insights, ensuring that each stakeholder team had access to relevant and real-time data. With these insights readily available, the teams were able to collaborate effectively and align their strategies, fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation.

Process-Focused Solutions

Process automation ensures minimal manual intervention, improving efficiency, and reducing errors.

Intuitive Lead Workflows:

We crafted workflows in Marketing Hub that not only automated processes but also provided an intuitive and seamless experience for each lead. These workflows guided leads through their unique journey, ensuring personalized interactions and a smooth transition from one stage to the next. By streamlining the lead journey, Fresh Clinics was able to enhance the overall customer experience and drive conversions.

Integrated PandaDoc Contracts:

To eliminate data slips and delays in the contract process, we seamlessly integrated PandaDoc into HubSpot. This integration allowed every signed agreement to smoothly transform into a tangible business venture, ensuring that contracts were executed efficiently and accurately. By automating the contract process, the team reduced the risk of errors and delays, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients.

Clinic-Specific Analytics:

Recognizing the core of Fresh Clinics' business, we introduced a custom object within HubSpot to track clinic-specific metrics. This customization ensured that insights were always relevant and tailored to the unique needs of each clinic. With clinic-specific analytics, all teams gained a deeper understanding of their performance and were able to make data-driven decisions to drive growth and optimize operations.

Revamped Onboarding:

Our enhanced onboarding system in HubSpot ensured that clients felt valued and informed right from their initial touchpoint. By providing a seamless and personalized onboarding experience, Fresh Clinics established strong relationships with their clients, fostering trust and loyalty. This revamped onboarding process not only improved client satisfaction but also set the stage for long-term success and growth.


Redefining operational efficiency and spurring international growth with HubSpot Hubs.

Fresh Clinics' partnership with New Breed and strategic implementation of HubSpot Hubs exceeded expectations, driving exponential growth, establishing a strong brand presence, and creating a comprehensive demand generation plan. This collaboration showcased the power of HubSpot Hubs in enhancing operations, delivering deep reporting insights, dynamic onboarding experiences, and effective demand generation.

New Breed have delivered a high quality engagement characterised by energy, flexibility, expertise, and results. They are professional, friendly and easy to work with. We have tried other agencies, New Breed is a clear cut-above. 

— John Delaney, Company Director and Co-Founder at Fresh Clinics

Deep Reporting Insights

Fresh Clinics achieved profound reporting insights Using HubSpot's Operations Hub and Sales Hub Enterprise, Fresh Clinics gained valuable insights into their revenue streams, lead progression, and customer journeys. The three-tier dashboard system allowed stakeholders to access real-time sales, onboarding, and financial insights, fostering collaboration and innovation. These insights helped Fresh Clinics optimize team collaboration and improve productivity.

Dynamic Onboarding Experiences

Fresh Clinics' redesigned onboarding process prioritized valuable and well-informed interactions with clients. Through the implementation of Service Hub Enterprise, they were able to create personalized onboarding experiences that enhanced client satisfaction and paved the way for long-term success and growth. This dynamic onboarding played a crucial role in building trust and loyalty as Fresh Clinics expanded into the U.S. market.

1,637% ROI from Demand Generation Program

Fresh Clinics successfully entered the competitive U.S. market through a robust demand generation strategy powered by Marketing Hub Enterprise. They tailored their messaging to align with their established Australian presence and connect with U.S. audiences using buyer personas, strategic objectives, and data-driven insights from HubSpot. This approach not only increased brand visibility but also significantly expanded their market presence. Thanks to HubSpot's lead nurturing capabilities, Fresh Clinics achieved extraordinary results, including a remarkable 1,637% ROI from paid advertising efforts targeting Medical Director and Med Spas segments in Texas alone.

Structural Growth

A pivotal objective for Fresh Clinics was the restructure of HubSpot for future growth. By leveraging the capabilities of Operations Hub Enterprise, they reorganized their data, workflows, and processes for seamless scalability. HubSpot's powerful automation tools streamlined key tasks, reducing manual labor and improving efficiency. This transformation positioned the company to harness the true potential of HubSpot for long-term growth.

"If there was an option to give 10 stars out of 5, I would do so! I'm speaking in relation to my interaction working with Wayne Kelley [New Breed's Senior RevOps Strategist] optimizing our operations with HubSpot. There is nothing that Wayne can't do. His critical thinking, ability to assess the big picture and prompting the correct questions, makes the whole process seamless. I have also interacted with the rest of the team, participating in other Fresh Clinics departments' projects. Same feeling there, there it never an issue for New Breed. Nothing, they cannot do. Working along with New Breed, it is like working with work colleagues from a same company."

Jean-Charles Neveu, Clinical Lead at Fresh Clinics

With success achieved in Australia, Fresh Clinics is now eager to replicate this HubSpot-driven model in the US. With New Breed by their side, they are confident that the HubSpot systems will always be primed for best performance, ensuring continued business growth and consistent client satisfaction. Fresh Clinics' journey with New Breed and HubSpot serves as a benchmark for how effective integrations can elevate operations, ensuring business growth and consistent client satisfaction.

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