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As part of their three-year global growth strategy, Maritech, a leading Norway-based software provider, sought an Elite partner to integrate HubSpot CRM and Salesforce, maximize their investment in Marketing Hub, and deliver on strategic playbooks to drive a 3X revenue goal.


Aligning global teams behind unified data and marketing infrastructure. 

Maritech, a globally-distributed organization, stepped up the task of unifying their teams under a single, data-driven strategy. Their sales team was already well-versed with Salesforce. However, the company's leaders recognized a need for a similarly robust, yet more specialized, platform for their marketing team. In response to these challenges, Maritech selected HubSpot's Marketing Hub to be their guiding light. The crucial objectives were:

  • Effective implementation of HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Seamless Salesforce integration with a two-way sync between CRMs
  • Optimization for interoperability and data integrity between systems
  • Comprehensive team alignment and training
  • Development of a robust, scalable Demand Generation strategy

Solving this intricate puzzle required a careful blend of strategic execution and precise fine-tuning. To maximize project efficiency and successful outcomes, Maritech searched for a partner with specialized skills to handle these critical components at once, with zero margin for error.


Comprehensive system implementation, integration, and team training.

New Breed designed a comprehensive solution revolving around HubSpot's Marketing Hub, which aimed to enrich the customer journey with unambiguous reporting and scalable process design.

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Three core components anchored the project:

1. HubSpot's Marketing Hub Implementation

New Breed's RevOps team provided Maritech with thorough setup and configuration of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. Our team configured various CRM features for seamless synchronization and audience segmentation, such as:

  • Customization of properties for contacts, companies, deals, and tickets for a streamlined data flow
  • Definition of lifecycle stages to guide sales and marketing teams on lead progression and messaging refinement
  • Implementation of lead scoring to identify and prioritize leads based on fit and engagement
  • Execution of persona mapping and strategic form strategies to enhance audience segmentation
  • Creation of 20 custom properties such as "Region", "Role", and "Salesforce Object" to enhance geographical tracking, persona identification, and integration data respectively
  • Development of custom reporting dashboards to track key metrics and monitor identified growth KPIs

2. Seamless Salesforce Integration

While HubSpot CRM provided a robust base, an integration with Salesforce became invaluable. This strategic use of Salesforce strengthened marketing-sales collaboration and supercharged operational efficiency. The integration included:

  • Supporting prospecting activities and facilitating complete alignment with HubSpot CRM
  • Ensuring seamless data flow with two-way data sync
  • Providing comprehensive visibility of companies, accounts, deals, and opportunities between both systems

3. Streamlined Training and Change Management

New Breed understood that success lay in adept users. Our team prioritized comprehensive training and change management, ensuring Maritech's team was well-equipped to leverage HubSpot CRM to its full potential. Visual aids and process flow diagrams clarified the process, while immersive training sessions reinforced adoption and usage.


On-time implementation of a scalable marketing and sales infrastructure

New Breed delivered an on-time, on-budget solution that revolutionized Maritech’s operations. With a flawless implementation of the custom HubSpot solution and Salesforce integration, data alignment reached 100%. This eradicated sync errors, providing consistent, accurate information. The project's exceptional management, expertise, and support have also left a lasting impression on the Maritech team.

According to Marie Gundersen, director of Marketing at Maritech:

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"HubSpot implementation has been a key factor in our success, allowing us to generate first-party data on our customers and gain insights into their behavior. The reporting capabilities are impressive, and we can now customize our dashboards to track the metrics that matter most to us. The project was managed exceptionally well, and we were impressed with the level of expertise and support we received throughout the process." —  Marie Gundersen, Director of Marketing at Maritech.

Today, Maritech owns a scalable revenue infrastructure that fuels their growth. With this transformative partnership with New Breed, Maritech is well-positioned to thrive and lead the way in the seafood industry's global landscape.

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Services Deployed

Explore the key services that steered Maritech's journey towards global expansion:

Multi-touch revenue attribution reporting Keeping our eyes on the horizon, we created custom reporting dashboards. These tools allowed the Maritech team to track progress against KPIs and closely monitor their growth journey. Learn More
Persona mapping & strategic form strategy We cast a wide net with persona mapping and strategic form strategies, paving the way for smarter audience segmentation, effective sales follow-up and improved engagement. Learn More
HubSpot CRM implementation & configuration Our comprehensive Marketing Hub implementation set the course for Maritech's transformation. We tailored CRM properties, lifecycle stages, and lead scoring to optimize data flow and lead progression. Learn More
Salesforce integration The Salesforce-HubSpot CRM integration ensured a seamless two-way data sync, supported prospecting activities, and facilitated full alignment, setting a steady course for operational efficiency. Learn More
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