Operations Hub Use Case

Integrating Stripe and HubSpot with Ops Hub

Custom solution design to increase security, customer experience, and business efficiency

Business Situation:

As a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for both the Department of Defense and private organizations, Peerless places a high premium on security and innovation to ensure its clients effectively navigate the complex world of compliance and contract management. 

To effectively market its products and services - many of which are highly sensitive and time-bound - Peerless relies on multiple integration points within its tech stack, including integration with Stripe, to support its overall CRM strategy. This made it an ideal use case for HubSpot's Ops Hub, which allows for advanced data sync, data quality automation, custom-coded workflows, and programmable automation.


The Peerless team turned to New Breed to create a custom payment solution to allow its clients to purchase high-value but time-sensitive compliance documents directly from its website. Given the sensitivity of the documents, the Peerless team required that the document links would expire after a defined period. This unconventional requirement added to the project challenge.

Solution Design: 

To meet the project's unique requirements, the New Breed team leveraged HubSpot Ops Hub to design a Stripe integration, customer form, and email confirmation workflow. The solution would secure the private Stripe key and generate an expiring link to the documents provided to the customer via an API gateway. A hidden HubSpot form would subsequently be submitted to indicate successful payment, triggering a HubSpot workflow based on that submission. 

The workflow then used a custom-coded workflow action via Operations Hub, stored on the user's contact record. The customized action would then be used as a personalization token in an email deployed to the user, enabling a seamless customer experience and complete control over document delivery. 






Key Benefits and Takeaways:

By leveraging the Ops Hub and its API capabilities, the solution gave Peerless the ability to:

  • Create and control the delivery of highly-sensitive, personalized documents while maintaining rigorous reporting and data integrity standards.
  • Avoiding the need to create additional integrations to pull over customer purchase information.
  • Eliminate added costs associated with ongoing custom development.

Products Used:

  • HubSpot OpsHub - Professional
  • New Breed Revenue Operations

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