Our Core Values

At New Breed, these are the driving principles and animating characteristics that make us different and guide how our team executes and operates on a daily basis.

More than just words on a page.

Our core values define our culture and what we expect from ourselves and our teammates. By grounding ourselves in these concepts, we establish common ground and shared expectations for all New Breeders as well as a practical framework to inform how we can foster our work and our growth.

NB-Value Screens-Think

Think boldly, act humbly.

We create vivid, ambitious visions for ourselves and our customers, and we achieve them by inviting others into the journey with empathy, curiosity, and appreciation for our shared opportunities. 

NB-Value Screens-Grow

Grow and win as a team.

We cultivate diverse, selfless, and high-performing teams, support each other and our customers without fail, and relentlessly adapt and evolve to help our customers and our company succeed.

NB-Value Screens-Needle

Always move the needle.

We thrive on data and insight-driven performance, setting measurable targets and working passionately to crush them every day.

NB-Value Screens-Trails

Blaze new trails.

We embrace change, iterate and innovate continuously, and challenge conventional wisdom in service of unconventional results and experiences.

NB-Value Screens-Partnerships

Create incredible partnerships.

We don’t merely engineer services, products, and deliverables — we strive to create connected customer experiences that deliver groundbreaking and sustainable performance.

NB-Value Screens-Celebrate

Celebrate the journey.

With grit and grace, we go the extra mile in our work, while finding opportunities to enjoy the milestones along the way.


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