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Your business is growing and your buyers are constantly evolving. That means your buyer personas should be evolving too.

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As the marketplace continues to shift on a regular basis, it's important to evaluate how your buyers are responding to those changes. Expecting to run the same marketing and sales strategy targeting the same personas will ultimately fall flat in the long run. Validating your buyer personas and adapting them to fit the changing needs and pain points of your ideal customers is essential to long-term successs.

With that in mind, this webinar was hosted by our own buyer persona specialist, Karin Krisher, where she discussed how to re-evaluate your buyer personas for accuracy as well as adaptations and considerations you should keep in mind as you look toward the months ahead. 

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Create an accurate buyer persona
  • Evaluate and validate your personas over time
  • Prepare your personas for a new year
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