Inform your marketing decisions with accurate data by using our Cohort Analysis Template

Free trials are a key component of many SaaS customer acquisition strategies. It's wise to run a customer churn cohort analysis on your free trials to determine how you retain customers beyond their initial sign-up.

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To make the most informed decisions possible, you must be able to look further down your funnel and see the impact your free-trial marketing efforts have over the entire lifetime of your customers. You can do this with our Customer Churn Cohort Analysis Template.

Using this template, you can easily determine and analyze your:

  • Monthly retained and churned customers by persona

  • Retained and churned MRR month-over-month by persona

  • Cumulated revenue vs. customer acquisition cost for each persona month over month

  • Number of monthly signups, activations and customers by persona

  • Monthly acquisition expense and new MRR by persona 

  • And much more!

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(Special thanks to Christoph Janz for allowing us to adapt his cohort analysis template to fit this buyer persona model).

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