ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Demand Gen Strategies for Marketers with Bigger Goals and Fewer Resources

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B2B revenue leaders are being asked to generate more contacts, leads, and, ultimately more sales pipeline, with fewer resources. Combined with disruptive technologies like AI and economic headwinds, senior marketers don’t have it easy. 

By embracing the current environment, combined with the right focus and strategy you have the opportunity to deliver more demand-gen value in less time and budget.   

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to… 

  • Find your focus by reframing your marketing efforts to ensure all activity results in revenue
  • Create alignment by focusing on the right audience to ensure you’re creating in the right type, quality, and quantity of leads
  • Reach your audience, generate lead & MQL volume, and accurately identify and qualify those leads to nurture successfully to revenue
  • Identify key funnel gaps which trigger action to focus more on quality over quantity and example tactics to do so
  • Manage marketing metrics up to give your team the space to deploy long term strategies that drive revenue versus short-term tactics that leave your sales team hungry for more

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