On-Demand Webinar

Maximizing Sales in 2024:
The Optimal Process & Tech for Prospecting and Deal Management

Beau Brooks, VP Sales & Customer Success at Teamwork
Alex Rainford, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot
Danae Ruiz, CRM Admin/RevOps Leader at New Breed

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In 2024, B2B sales leaders are facing mounting pressure to drive sales efficiency and effectiveness amidst saturated markets, evolving buyer behaviors, and resource constraints. Top revenue leaders are now embracing the opportunity to use technology, including AI, to prospect, create and close the pipeline they need to achieve their revenue goals. The message is clear - sales teams must do better, not more!
Watch on-demand to learn from top revenue leaders, on how their teams are enabled to prospect and sell all with one platform.

During the recording we cover:

  • The state of HubSpot Report: Informed by data from over 1,000 B2B revenue leaders, New Breed will break down the top trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the success of today's revenue leaders and what they are investing in heading into 2024.
  • 4 Principles for Revenue Leaders: Hear from top revenue leaders on the 4 principles to driving better sales productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in 2024. They'll break down what it takes to win more business in an unpredictable market.
  • Sales Software to Fuel Growth: An overview of how top revenue leaders are using Sales Hub to enable BDRs to prospect smarter and AEs to manage deals more effectively to close revenue, all in one platform.

Download The Recording