Webinar Recording | Driving Profitable
Revenue & Alignment in 2024:
Insights from Top RevOps Leaders.

Sid Kumar, SVP RevOps at HubSpot
Ray Keating, Director Sales Operations at Teamwork.com
Danae Ruiz, CRM Admin/RevOps Leader at New Breed

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In the recent State of HubSpot report, 87% of organizations report facing issues between sales, marketing, and Customer Success teams. Yet, nearly 100% of revenue leaders agree that alignment between departments increases revenue. So, how do you make the transition from a divided department into a unified team? 

Align your teams and tech stack to your business strategy through the power of RevOps! 

Drawing on the experiences and insights of leaders from HubSpot, Teamwork, and New Breed, we'll explore the best practices and innovative solutions that are setting the standard in RevOps today. We’ll dive deep into these key topics:

  • How RevOps can bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and customer success with the data and tools needed to drive revenue growth.
  • Techniques to audit and implement your tech stack for increased alignment and efficiency to achieve your business goals.
  • Insights on emerging technologies, like AI and ABM, and their impact on RevOps.
  • Actionable strategies for fostering collaboration and communication between departments.
  • Methods to increase automation to increase productivity and tailored customer connections.

This webinar, essential for sales, marketing, and operations leaders, is an opportunity to discover how aligning your business strategy with RevOps best practices can drive efficiency, boost revenue, and foster seamless collaboration.


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Meet the Speakers!

HUBSPOT Sid Kumar,
SVP RevOps
Sid Kumar is SVP of Revenue Operations at HubSpot, where he leads worldwide go-to-market strategy and operations for the Flywheel organization across marketing, sales and customer success.
Director of Sales Operations
Ray Keating currently serves as the Director of Sales Operations at Teamwork.com. With an extensive background in sales and operations management, Ray brings a wealth of expertise to his role.
NEW BREED Danae Ruiz,
RevOps Strategist
Danae Ruiz is a revenue operations strategist at New Breed. She's a seasoned service and CRM admin and finds passion in company alignment, organization, and tech stack management.