ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | How to Streamline, Motivate, and Tech-Enable Your Sales Team

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Enable your sales teams to dominate 2023.

Sales executives across the SaaS and B2B landscape are facing growing targets and increasingly complex CRM & operational challenges. But with every challenge, there is opportunity. During this session, proven executives from across the HubSpot Ecosystem discuss how they approach operational readiness, team motivation, org structure, and revenue technology to seize today’s opportunities and strategize for tomorrow’s challenges. 

During this recording, you will learn…

  • How 2022 impacted sales teams across service and software companies
  • What “sales readiness” means to sales executives and how they assess (and reassess) team performance throughout the year
  • Management tips and techniques to motivate both high and low performers
  • Recommendations for overseeing sales software consolidation and adoption

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Download The Recording


Meet the Sales Experts

Our panel of HubSpot Ecosystem leaders will discuss how they streamline, motivate, and tech-enable sales teams to drive more results than ever before.

Patrick Biddiscombe CEO, New Breed
Tara DiCristo-Schmitt Vice President NAM SBS, HubSpot
Channing Ferrer Chief Sales Officer, SEMRush
Beau Brooks Vice President of Sales, Teamwork
Suneet Bhatt Chief Customer Officer, SaaSWorks