The Ultimate Salesforce-to-HubSpot Migration Guide

Building an Attainable Roadmap for your CRM Migration

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As your organization evolves, so do the tools and technologies you use to manage your operations and delight your end-users. 

Whether you’re a fast-growing brand or an industry veteran looking to optimize your tech stack, migrating to Hubspot’s CRM will help your organization grow better, with a platform that promotes alignment between your marketing, sales, and service teams. 

We designed this guide as an all-inclusive migration roadmap. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to migrate successfully, plus some insider tips and best practices to keep your project running smoothly along the way. 

What’s inside? 

  • Developing unified sales, marketing, and service operations 
    • Aligning behind a single solution
  • Salesforce to HubSpot Conversion Table
  • Phase 1: Pre-Migration 
    • Evaluate migration and translation needs 
    • Clean up your Salesforce data
    • Backup your data 
    • Create a migration plan
  • Phase 2: Migration
    • Configure your HubSpot instance 
    • Migrate your data into HubSpot
    • Make way for QA
    • Conduct testing and associated bug fixes 
    • Go Live!
  • Phase 3: Post-Migration  
    • Get your teams up to speed
    • Prioritize data management

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