Recording | State of HubSpot 2023: How top performing companies are unlocking growth

Host: Jonathan Burg, SVP of Marketing at New Breed
Panelists: Jasper's Meghan Keaney Anderson | HubSpot's Scott Brinker

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Following the unveiling of the industry-first "State of HubSpot 2023" report, join Jonathan Burg, SVP of Marketing at New Breed, Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, and Meghan Keaney Anderson, Head of Marketing at Jasper, as they sift through the data and provide a deeper understanding of the report's most critical insights.

In this webinar, they’ll dive into the practices, tools, and strategies that are setting top-performing revenue leaders apart in the evolving HubSpot ecosystem.

By downloading the recording you will learn:

  • What channels are the ‌top quartile performers investing in to grow ‌and achieve revenue targets? 
  • How AI is reshaping the HubSpot ecosystem, and how can you stay ahead?
  • Insights into how the best companies integrate, consolidate and implement HubSpot and ecosystem technology to drive profitable and efficient growth.  
  • Why alignment and integration between sales, marketing and customer success remains critical and its impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • HubSpot’s readiness for the enterprise, and the top requested CRM features for large organizations.

Why download?

This isn't just another webinar—it's a roadmap in a time of change. Whether you're a HubSpot veteran or are just embarking on your journey, this comprehensive breakdown, enriched by the latest HubSpot product announcements from INBOUND, promises to help elevate your strategy in this new era of HubSpot.

With his hands-on experience in creating the report and his deep understanding of the HubSpot ecosystem, Jonathan Burg, Scott Brinker, and Meghan Keaney Anderson promise attendees a session filled with rich insights, backed by data, and complemented by actionable takeaways.

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