March 7, 2013

7 Must-See Infographics for the Savvy B2B Marketer

infographics-for-b2b-marketersIn today's day and age, it seems like all we want to do is look at pretty pictures (and watch funny videos) on the web. It makes total sense. We're a visual generation. Why else would social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine explode onto the scene and captivate our attention? They're all about the visuals and people love it!

Our job as marketers is to cut through the jumble and clutter that's out there, and give our audience something that truly resonates. Something that adds value for them. And now more than ever, it's about educating our prospects rather than advertising at them.

Which is precisely why infographics seem to have taken us by storm. Whatever you're looking for, there is probably an infographic about it. Is that a bad thing? We don't think so. When used properly, infographics are extremely useful (and helpful!).

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Don't believe us? Browse through this list of our must-see infographics and you'll see what you, as a savvy B2B marketer, can learn.

1. What is Inbound Marketing from HubSpot

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: It explains a concept with easy-to-follow graphics. There isn't too much text, but the text that is part of the graphic, is clear and to the point. Most importantly, after reading this graphic, you know what inbound marketing is. It answers the question it set out to.



2. The Content Marketing Matrix from Smart Insights

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: A clean, simple graphic that relates a new concept to an old way of thinking. Traditional marketers will recognize the 'matrix' philosophy (think back to your Marketing 101 class when we talked about SWOT), which will help them relate it to a new way of thinking.



3. The CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing via Marketo

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: To start, this graphic immediately gets to the root of a question many CMOs may have. How is inbound marketing different than traditional marketing? It shows the two side-by-side, pointing out the differences in a logical way. We also enjoy that this graphic speaks to a CMO directly, by using "you" and "your company", the reader can relate better. As a more text heavy infographic, we think Marketo has done a great job!


4. Why Email Still Matters via Eloqua

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: This is a long infographic, with lots of information. But fortunately, it's not hard to understand or digest. It presents the information in a clear way, using relatable graphics and imagery to reinforce the points being made. We like the callout in the middle of the graphic because it not only breaks up the story, but it builds the case for marketing automation and shows how it can improve your B2B marketing strategy.


5. 5 Elements of Inbound Marketing via AXZM

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: Talk about clean, this is it. The graphics are simple, it's all about the text here. Usually, text based infographics like this totally turn us off, but this one works. Why? Because it's super easy to read. The design, how it's broken into sections, gives your eye a logical path to follow and each one builds on the next. By the time you're finished reading it, you have the whole big picture idea. Plus, we love funnels (and they're an essential piece to a successful inbound marketing strategy), so ending the graphic on that note is awesome.



6. Inbound Marketing Funnel via Smart Insights

Why this makes the must-see infographic list: As we said, we love funnels. This is a great example of what the inbound marketing funnel looks like. It not only shows each step along the way, but details out the key insights and measurements you should be watching to ensure your funnel is optimized for success.


Image credits: Smart Insights,, HubSpot, AXZM

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