July 31, 2015

Linium Experiences Amazing Growth with New Breed and HubSpot

This post is a submission for the Client Growth Story of the Year for the HubSpot Impact Awards. You can read more about the competition here

The Challenge:

Linium approached New Breed looking for a partner to help it revamp its Web presence and create an inbound marketing and sales growth engine. The purpose of this was to generate leads at the top of the funnel and move them through the funnel to opportunities and customers, helping Linium conquer the first three stages of the inbound marketing funnel: attract, convert and—most importantly—close.

The Process:

With the inbound marketing methodology, each of the last three stages are predicted in large part on the success of the previous stage. While Linium's end goal was to conquer the close stage, we had to initially work with its staff on the attract and convert stages. As a result, we took ownership of the entire funnel in order to deliver solutions that would produce customers.

Our relationship with Linium was broken down into different phases of deliverables. First we had to create a digital storefront. During phase one, we worked to redesign the website to align with inbound best practices. Additionally, we worked to highlight Linium's unique service offerings and the amazing resources it provides for site visitors.


Once the site was redesigned, we moved into phases two and three, which focused on attracting visitors to the website and converting them into leads. Through our inbound package, we began publishing search-optimized blog posts on Linium's behalf. To aid in the conversion process, we also helped Linium's marketers create premium content offers, such as white papers and battle cards. Additionally, we helped them create email-marketing campaigns and lead-nurturing workflows.

After laying the requisite groundwork we moved into phase four and worked with Linium on the close stage. We provided ongoing, in-depth support to Linium's marketers and salespeople to help them create a defined lead-handoff process. Included was the creation of a service-level agreement between both teams to order to align them. Lastly, we trained the inside sales team and helped it create an inbound sales process to provide reps with the tools they need to generate better insights on the behavior and needs of their new inbound leads and ultimately sell to them more effectively.

“New Breed's biggest selling point is that they care about my growth just as much as their own growth and they know by being a trusted partner to me, it will help ignite their own business. They are, by far, the first firm I have found that I truly feel a synergy with and a commitment to getting my business to the next level. They have great leadership and an extremely motivated and hungry team of experts that are always willing to step up to the challenge at hand. If you're looking for a trusted partner who truly is committed to you and your business then New Breed is the firm for you." - Rachel Slater, VP of Marketing, Linium

The Results:



Our engagement with Linium is ongoing, yet looking back on the first six months of our relationship we can see that Linium has generated:

  • 571 leads through the convert stage
  • 173 of which were marketing-qualified
  • 71 of which were sales-qualified
  • 18 of which were opportunities

Ultimately, these leads generated two closed-won opportunities to date (with more in progress over Linium's extended sales cycle). Closing these two opportunities alone has generated nearly $210,000 in revenue, a 413-percent return on Linium's investment with New Breed over this time period.

Matthew Buckley

Matthew Buckley is a former New Breeder.


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