The World's Leading AI Company integrates HubSpot & Salesforce for enterprise lead management.

How New Breed's integration of HubSpot, Salesforce, and ZoomInfo transformed AI Company's revenue operations, workflow efficiency, and market agility.

AI Company

The world's leading AI company was confronted with the critical challenge of scaling their operations to keep up with their rapid growth and the sudden influx of leads. To develop a highly adaptable and efficient RevOps strategy, they partnered with New Breed, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, to integrate their complex tech stack for seamless lead management and align teams around revenue-driven results. 


Disjointed tech stack impeding efficient lead management.

As the AI Company soared to the forefront of AI innovation, they found themselves at a crucial crossroads. Their operational systems, although strong, were in dire need of catching up with their rapid growth and the influx of leads. This misalignment posed a significant risk to their market standing and their potential for future expansion.

 Escalating Lead Volume and Pipeline Growth

The AI Company's rapid growth brought the challenge of managing escalating lead volumes. The existing pipeline structure needed refinement, lacking effective segmentation to differentiate between sales-led and product-led leads, as well as enterprise companies, to enable scaling sales and marketing operations.

Limited Utilization of HubSpot's Tools

The AI Company's initial engagement with HubSpot was limited to basic emails and minimal lead tracking. This limited approach missed out on the platform’s extensive potential for nurturing leads and engaging customers.

Complex Salesforce Integration Challenges

The integration with Salesforce (SFDC) added complexity and significant hurdles due to intricate configuration and integration with other tools. This resulted in a disjointed lead management process for handling large volumes of leads and a pressing need for a unified strategy to categorize and prioritize leads, leading to growing inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

HubSpot Products Used

Marketing Hub Enterprise
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Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise


Comprehensive RevOps strategy with an integrated Hubspot Enterprise suite. 

The journey began with New Breed crafting an all-encompassing RevOps strategy for the world's leading AI Company. More than just the integration of tools, the approach was a strategic reimagining of the company’s approach to managing leads and operational efficiency. New Breed's expertise was pivotal in identifying areas for improvement and charting a course for a seamless, integrated system that could scale with the company's growth.

Operational Assessment and Strategic Development

The process started with an in-depth, data-driven analysis of the company's existing operational frameworks. New Breed evaluated AI Company's workflows, tech stack configurations, and lead management processes. This diagnostic phase was instrumental in identifying inefficiencies and creating a strategy focused on scalability, efficiency, and market responsiveness.

Segmented Pipeline for Customized Lead Management

Recognizing the need for a distinct approach in handling various lead types at AI Company, New Breed took the initiative to create specialized pipelines in HubSpot. This innovative solution paved the way for more effective lead management and a seamless integration process to identify, nurture and convert those leads.

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  • Specialized Pipelines for Sales- and Product-Led Growth: The team crafted distinct pipelines for sales-led and product-led growth leads, each designed with unique criteria and conversion goals. This approach leveraged HubSpot's advanced segmentation tools to streamline the lead nurturing process, enhancing lead qualification and conversion rates.
  • Enhancing Engagement with Enterprise Leads: Improving engagement with high-value enterprise leads was a key aspect of this segmentation. New Breed established specific pipeline criteria to identify and flag these key accounts. This approach enabled more focused and effective resource allocation and engagement strategies with high-yield accounts.

Advanced Integration for Data Coherence and Efficiency

Following the segmentation of pipelines, New Breed streamlined the AI Company's tech stack, ensuring a seamless integration that would enhance data accuracy and overall operational efficiency around lead management, team alignment, and scale.

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  • Salesforce and HubSpot Data Synchronization: With an emphasis on data integrity, New Breed meticulously mapped and synchronized data fields between Salesforce and HubSpot. This step was crucial in maintaining a seamless data flow, which is fundamental to accurate lead tracking and reporting.
  • Custom Salesforce Enhancements for Streamlined Operations: The team went beyond basic integration, customizing Salesforce with tailored fields and workflows. These enhancements were designed to align specifically with the AI Company's unique sales processes, leading to a significant improvement in operational efficiency.
  • ZoomInfo Integration for Comprehensive Lead Intelligence: By incorporating ZoomInfo into the tech stack, New Breed provided the AI Company with a deeper layer of intelligence on lead behavior and preferences. This strategic integration was pivotal in enabling more precise targeting and engagement strategies, particularly with enterprise-level prospects.

Custom Reports and Dashboards in HubSpot

New Breed maximized the use of HubSpot’s analytics capabilities to develop custom reporting tools. These tools provided the AI Company with real-time, data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. Custom reports and dashboards were crucial in offering a comprehensive view of lead generation and conversion rates. This level of detailed analysis was instrumental in identifying high-performing strategies and areas needing improvement, informing more effective marketing and sales tactics.

Custom Workflow Automation

New Breed implemented advanced lead scoring models and automated workflows in HubSpot to personalize customer engagement strategies and enhance lead qualification.

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  • Sophisticated Lead Scoring Models for Precise Prioritization: The team crafted advanced lead scoring models using behavioral and demographic data. A notable innovation was integrating a GPT-4-based model within HubSpot, involving a custom workflow to connect with GPT-4's API. This process efficiently processed contact information, returning comprehensive lead scores directly into the HubSpot contact and improving qualification accuracy and speed.
  • Tailored Workflows and Sequences for Effective Lead Engagement: By aligning automated nurturing sequences and other lead workflows with advanced scoring models, New Breed ensured that each lead received timely and relevant engagement. This allowed the AI Company to deliver content and engagement strategies that were specifically tailored to each lead's needs, enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Continuous Testing and Ongoing Support.

Continuous improvement and employee training were key components in the success of the new systems implemented by New Breed. To ensure the success of these implementations, New Breed conducted regular alignment meetings and rigorous testing phases. These sessions were instrumental in aligning the integrations with the specific needs of the AI Company, allowing for continuous feedback and necessary adjustments to the system.

Finally, New Breed placed a strong emphasis on adaptability and continuous education in response to the fast-evolving market. They conducted training sessions on the new systems, significantly enhancing the AI Company's operational efficiency and change management processes for scalable growth of the team.


RevOps framework aligning people, processes and systems around scalable revenue growth.

The collaboration between New Breed and the AI Company set a new standard in operational efficiency and market agility. Through strategic integration of technologies and processes, the AI Company experienced a transformative shift in its RevOps strategy and readiness for scale. This partnership not only resolved existing challenges but equipped the company with a scalable and adaptable framework, ready to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI development technology.

  HubSpot's integrated customer platform unifies data and teams for streamlined lead management at scale.
  Improved lead quality and flow significantly impact conversions and build stronger customer connections.
  Workflow automation improves sales team productivity by focusing on high-potential leads for outreach.
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