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SpringCM increases their conversion rates by 667.1% with website optimization

SpringCM's fast-growing company needed a way to create an efficient and scalable demand generation model. To do this they knew their team would need to have better alignment in their utilization of HubSpot and website strategy best practices. New Breed identified conversion optimization as the best solution to meet their needs by focusing on key areas of the funnel that could be optimized.


About SpringCM

SpringCM was founded in 2005 as a secure cloud platform that manages sales contracts and all types of documents across desktop, mobile and partner applications. Their corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, but in order to meet the demands of their rapidly growing business, two new offices were opened in 2016 in San Francisco and London.

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SpringCM's challenge

In the six months leading up to their engagement with New Breed, SpringCM had a challenge converting visitors on their most valuable landing pages. Their Personalized Demo and Content Management Demo pages were producing the following results:

  • Visits per Month: 6189
  • View-to-Submission Rate: 4.62%
  • Submissions per Month: 285.7
  • Opportunities Influenced: Not tracked
  • Closed Won Deals Influenced: Not tracked

This low submission rate meant that SpringCM was forced to drive up visits through paid traffic to hit their lead goals. On top of that, SpringCM had zero visibility into the influence these pages had on generating new opportunities and customers.

Knowing this would not be sustainable in the long term, we identified conversion rate optimization as the best solution to create the efficient and scalable model they were looking for.

New Breed's solution

In an effort to create the most value from our engagement, we decided to narrow the scope to three key performance indicators for their demo pages.

  • The view-to-submission rate
  • The number of opportunities influenced
  • The number of closed-won deals influenced

These KPIs were chosen strategically to allow us to focus our efforts. Increasing the view-to-submission rate would allow SpringCM to scale back their reliance on paid search while maintaining the total number of submissions they required to hit their goals. Tracking both opportunities influenced and new customers influenced ensured that we would not lose sight of the quality of the leads that these submissions produced.

In order to improve performance, we decided to add calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the site directing visitors to the Personalized Demo and Content Management Demo landing pages. These included global CTAs in the header and footer, CTAs on the product pages and slide-in CTAs.

Product Page CTA Global Header CTA
Spring CM product page CTA SpringCM global header CTA

While these CTAs would help drive quality traffic to these landing pages, we recognized that more would need to be done. To address this issue, we decided to update the existing landing pages to incorporate best practices. We also created an entirely new landing page to promote their Document Management Demo. Below is an example of one of the updated landing pages.

SpringCM landing page

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These tactics provided immediate returns upon implementation. Adding CTAs throughout the site and updating the corresponding landing pages increased the view-to-submission rate by 667.1% in just 3 months. We were also able to effectively track how influential these pages were in producing opportunities and closing customers.

  • View-to-submission rate: 667.1% increase (4.62% to 35.44%)
  • Opportunities influenced: 32
  • Closed won deals influenced: 7

These results and funnel insights have set up SpringCM for success by creating a more sustainable growth model for their business. They now have a better understanding of how their offers and landing pages impact their bottom line.


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