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11% increase in win rate, 18% rise in selling price.

Teamwork@4x, an enterprise project management platform, experienced exponential growth, expanding from 30 to over 300 employees worldwide. With the surge in deal volume and pipeline, the team recognized the need to overcome limitations in their in-house sales CRM and a marketing automation system, Marketo. They partnered with New Breed, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, to optimize sales and marketing operations with HubSpot's full Enterprise suite.

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Sales Ops challenges amidst global expansion.

Teamwork faced challenges in their sales operations due to limited visibility and reporting in their sales pipeline, insufficient deal progression and forecasting functionality, and a reactive approach to sales management. 

Inadequate CRM System

The existing CRM was inadequate for's growing scale and lacked the necessary features for a dynamic sales environment. This challenge was intensified as they transitioned from Marketo and their homegrown CRM, requiring a strategic approach to migrating essential data and processes while adopting best practices for the new system.

Limited Sales Visibility and Reporting

Teamwork's rapid growth highlighted the limitations of their homegrown CRM system in providing sufficient sales visibility and reporting capabilities. The lack of advanced reporting and dashboard functionalities made it challenging to gain a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline and deal progress. This limited visibility led to challenges in forecasting, strategic planning, and effectively managing the sales cycle.

Inefficiencies in Deal Management

Sales solution inefficiencies resulted in a cumbersome deal management process, impeding the team's productivity. Sales reps struggled with managing and tracking deals efficiently, leading to increased manual work and time consumption. These inefficiencies hindered the sales team's ability to focus on strategic projects and hampered overall performance.

HubSpot Products Used

Marketing Hub Enterprise
Sales Hub Enterprise
Service Hub
Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise


HubSpot Enterprise implementation for improved sales operations. 

After evaluating HubSpot and Salesforce, Teamwork chose HubSpot's solution suite and sought a top HubSpot Solutions Partner to align their current CRM practices with best practices for their growing sales team. The partner had to provide a comprehensive strategy, flawless execution, and customized solutions for their unique needs, including change management.

That's where New Breed stepped in. Our team strengthened Teamwork's sales and marketing infrastructure with a powerful RevOps framework. Our strategy included migrating to HubSpot and improving systems and processes for the entire customer journey. This approach combined tech solutions and user-centric training for operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Migration from Marketo and HubSpot implementation.

New Breed managed a strategic migration from Marketo and a homegrown CRM to HubSpot. This move directly addressed the issues by providing a more advanced, scalable CRM solution. It included the migration of essential data and processes, implementation of advanced segmentation and automation, and enhancement of reporting functionalities, all contributing to a more efficient and data-driven environment for revenue-generating activities.

Key Elements:

  • Migration of essential data and processes, including customer profiles and interaction history.
  • Advanced segmentation and automation to target marketing efforts more effectively.
  • Integration of custom fields, pipeline stages, and CRM extensions tailored to Teamwork.

Improved sales reporting and pipeline visibility.

To overcome the challenge of limited visibility and reporting in sales, New Breed revolutionized Teamwork's data management practices by utilizing the full range of features offered in HubSpot's Enterprise product tier. Integrating Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Operations Hub vastly improved dataflow between systems and reporting and dashboard capabilities. This transformation was crucial for gaining a comprehensive overview of deals won and lost and improving pipeline performance evaluations and strategic decision-making.

Key Elements:

  • Consolidation of ICP flows and implementation of a comprehensive lead scoring system.
  • Advanced lead scoring, email migration strategies, and precise MQL definitions.
  • Enhanced reporting and dashboard functionalities for a holistic view of sales activities.

Optimized lead distribution and management.

New Breed strategically implemented Distributely, a HubSpot-certified app, to enhance Teamwork's lead distribution and management. This solution, crucial for elevating the sales team's operational efficiency, offered automated, scalable, and seamlessly integrated lead routing within HubSpot. Its straightforward setup and compatibility with existing workflows greatly streamlined Teamwork’s sales processes and scaled for enterprise-sized team and pipeline.

Key Elements:

  • Automated and rules-based lead routing.
  • Seamless integration with HubSpot workflows.
  • Custom reporting for effective pipeline management.

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Automated customer lifecycle stages to improve handoff.

To combat inefficiencies in marketing-to-sales handoff, New Breed automated various stages in the customer lifecycle, aligning cross-functional team efforts. This alignment was crucial for improving the efficiency of the sales process and enhancing Teamwork’s overall revenue growth strategy.

Key Elements:

  • Lifecycle stage automation for streamlined sales processes.
  • Creation of automated workflows for lead nurturing and follow-up sequences.
  • Custom HubSpot features, like expansion team workflows, tailored to’s specific needs.

Continuous training and change management.

New Breed facilitated a smooth transition for Teamwork's team to HubSpot's functionalities through comprehensive training programs and ongoing support. This focus on user adoption played a pivotal role in the successful integration of new tools, resulting in quicker and more efficient use of HubSpot for daily operations. Regular strategy audits and adaptations were crucial in aligning the new systems with's evolving operations.

Key Elements:

  • Comprehensive training programs and support.
  • In-depth training modules covering specific functionalities of HubSpot.
  • Regular strategy audits involving data analysis and KPI tracking to align with evolving business goals.

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Within 1.5 years of implementing HubSpot, Teamwork experienced impressive results.

In a span of 1.5 years, the implementation of HubSpot and the collaboration with New Breed brought about remarkable enhancements in the overall revenue operations. The sales pipeline experienced a boost with improved reporting and pipeline visibility, leading to more effective pipeline reviews and streamlined management meetings.

Teamwork also seamlessly established its second international office location, underscoring HubSpot's scalability and potential for international expansion. This strategic shift in the sales team's approach also yielded significant advancements in deal management and customer relationships, further fueling Teamwork's success.

50% increase in sales team efficiency through automation.

11% increase in win rate.

18% rise in average selling price.

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