Download: Reboot Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine with Conversion Optimization

To turn your website into a more effective lead generation tool by integrating the continuous performance methodology into your redesign.

lead generation machine-1Does your most recent website redesign conjure terrible memories of missed deadlines, exceeded budgets and sunk costs? Did the end result fail to meet your expectations?

If you answered yes, you're not alone. Not only were a third of marketers unsatisfied with their most recent redesign, but only 51% of site redesign projects actually finish and launch on time, according to HubSpot.

The Conversion Optimization (CO) process breaks this cycle by leveraging one of design, research and improvement. That means it can work for both existing sites and the launch of new ones.

This e-book covers:

  • Why the traditional website redesign process is broken
  • Benefits and risks of the traditional redesign process vs. CO
  • Key principles of the methodology and mindset
  • An example of a hypothesis and test-driven website update
  • How to use CO to optimize your #1 salesperson: your website 

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