Learn the essential fundamentals of attributing marketing's contribution to revenue

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B2B marketing attribution, at its simplest, is about connecting marketing and sales data. By connecting marketing to sales data — where deals close and revenue metrics are held — the marketing team no longer has to guess their revenue impact. Every deal can be tied back to specific marketing actions.

As you’re thinking about your marketing attribution strategy, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What attribution model are we currently using?
  •  Why are we using our current attribution model?
  •  Does our attribution model include first (anonymous) visitors?
  • Does it treat prospects as accounts or as individuals?
  • Do we look at digital and offline channels with the same attribution model?
  • What metrics does our attribution data help optimize for? 

This guide will help you address these questions and give you the knowledge necessary to properly choose and utilize a marketing attribution model. We hope you enjoy this guide and find it to be a useful methodology to grow your business!

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