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It's no secret that today's economic climate has made selling more challenging. Changing consumer expectations has required sales organizations to take a step back and adapt their sales process accordingly.

We interviewed top sales executives in the HubSpot ecosystem to learn just how the buyer's journey has changed. We learned that:

🚧 Customers are more cautious than ever

👬 Buying committees are growing

🔄 Sales cycles are longer

📊 Reporting on your sales process is paramount

In this guide, we provide actionable insights on how to address these key challenges. You'll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How selling with empathy can build buyer trust
  • How to manage new stakeholders
  • How to win over the CFO
  • How to create a joint evaluation plan
  • Which parts of your sales process should be automated
  • What sales process KPIs you should be tracking
  • How to maintain pipeline hygiene
  • How to overcome team performance issues



Download The Guide

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“Sometimes you need to focus on inputs, not outcomes. Focus on customer and employee success. Company success will follow.”

Suneet Bhatt Chief Customer Officer, SaaSWorks



“We worked with New Breed recently on a redesign and launch of our website. The project was complex and the experience and results were great. In particular, they were flexible and collaborative with good systems in place for cross-country/time-zone communication. Their collective expertise meant they were able to offer us strong, industry-leading advice.”

Jesse Finn | Senior Brand and Content Manager | Talmundo

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