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Insights Into the State of Customer Success

Hear about state of the customer success function from those in the industry today.

Jake Tauscher, a San Francisco-based venture capitalist and Mark Roberge, a faculty member at the Harvard Business School set out to learn more about the customer success function as it stands today. In interviewing over 50 industry leaders, Tauscher and Roberge compiled the report Insights Into the State of Customer Success. 

The pair hypothesized that while customer success is accepted enough to be a common business function, it's new enough that it lacks standardization. In this video, Tauscher and SaaSWorks VP of Operations Mike Redbord discuss some of the data collected from the report and what it means for businesses hoping to improve their customer's experience.

Download the full report to gain insights into: 

  • Factors that influence retention
  • How companies hire for customer success teams
  • How client success managers are evaluated
  • What factors are standing in the way of proactive outreach
  • And more! 
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