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How to Build a Go-to-Market Strategy

Successfully bringing a product to market starts with proper planning. 

After investing time and resources into developing a new product or service, you want to ensure that it becomes successful. How that offering is released and who you release it to will have a major impact on its success.

 In this video, Head of Demand Generation Guido Bartolacci breaks down the framework for a successful go-to-market strategy that can help bring your product to market. When planning your strategy, Guido recommends making sure you follow each of these steps: 

  1. Have buyer personas
  2. Conduct a competitive analysis
  3. Draft your value proposition 
  4. Establish your pricing strategy
  5. Determine your purchasing methods
  6. Plan your marketing and sales strategy
  7. Launch
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How are your strategies contributing to your company’s growth?

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